Robert Mugabe's Bullet-proof Dash To Tsvangirai's Hospital Bed

I had not noticed this until a regular source in the president's office informed me that Robert Mugabe put on a bullet-proof vest to visit Tsvangirai in hospital at the Avenues Clinic in Harare.

Apparently, when news of the accident came and it was confirmed that the Prime Minister was injured but alive, Mugabe announced to his astonished security team that he would be visiting the Prime Minister at the Avenues Clinic.

At first, security advised against it, and pointed out that the circumstances around the accident were still murky. Mugabe insisted. 

So the usual anonymous advance team was dispatched to the hospital. When they arrived, there was a crowd outside, people who had come to hold a vigil outside the hospital for Tsvangirai, as well as journalists and patients waiting to be treated.

The advance team radioed back to Helensvale, Mugabe home, saying the situation was not conducive. What if this was an assasination attempt and the assasins were waiting outside the hospital to hear whether they had succeeded or not?

It was at this point, apparently, that Mugabe's security then advised him to wear a bullet-proof vest.

If you go back to the footage of Mugabe visiting with Tsvangirai, now armed with this new insight, you will notice that Mugabe's suit bulges out and is straighter than normal, almost as if a cushion of air is sewn into its lining.

That is the bullet-proof vest at work. 

Apparently Mugabe hates the things, relying mostly on his security which has served him well for years now. The only times he wears these vests is when he has to make a sudden visit to a public place and, I am told, when he visits foreign capitals, especially European and American cities, where he knows he is in enemy territory.

Grace apparently did not get a bullet-proof vest. Maybe they did not think anyone would want to harm her, they would go for the big fish instead. Or perhaps she just could not find the shoes to go with a with a bullet-proof vest.

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  1. I guess, no need to read the tea leaves to know that he is a marked man.

    BTW I've put you on my blogroll! Keep it up.


  2. That is why Happyton Bonyongwe was one of the first of Bob's lieutenants to be at Avenues Clinic. At list that shows he takes precautions, a lot heads of state do the same. Our Prime Minister should also take such precautions. One should not live a lie, that being such a high profile figure, everyone loves you.

  3. This is very reminiscent of the Ninoy Aquino story in the Philippines. This time, however, the intended "Ninoy" didn't get it. Next time, I'm sure he will.


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