Mugabe Guaranteed Immunity

Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have reached an agreement that any new constitution that will be drawn up in Zimbabwe by this new government will guarantee the Head Of State immunity from prosecution for any crimes committed while he is in office.

It will mean that Gukurahundi and all the other crimes that took place during Mugabe's tenure will not be prosecuted at all. These would also include the horrific beating of Tsvangirai seen in the March 2007 photos above. The beating and torture he received was described by fellow detainess and his lawyers as "attempted murder". We remember, of course, that the police used iron bars to beat Tsvangirai over the head.

The deal between Mugabe and Tsvangirai has raised alarm and unbelievable anger amongst ZANU PF politicians and the top echelons of the armed forces, who now feel they have been left in the cold. 

Mugabe moved to quickly to assure them that he knew what he was doing in a meeting at State House on on Wednesday, even as he made preparations for his delayed Russian visit. The reassurances he gave during that meeting sound very plausible and I fear that they amount to simply extracting a concession from Tsvangirai, tucking it under his belt and then continuing as if nothing has changed from the days of the beatings of Tsvangirai.

I do not feel I can tell you the details of that strategy explained by Mugabe yet.

Of course, Mugabe can't do anything to the armed forces because they are his power base and the top commanders in Zimbabwe are now saying that they have also struck their own counter-deal with Mugabe, is all I can tell you. Of course, they claim Tsvangirai knows nothing about this deal.

They claim that Mugabe has agreed to let the constitution process run its course, to have that specific clause approved (and it will be approved, naturally, since Tsvangirai will be campaigning for a Yes vote when the new document is put to a referendum, in the name of "national healing. He will most likely carry the day). 

Once this is done, the generals say, then Tsvangirai will find himself out on his ear. They claim getting Tsvangirai out will not be a problem for them.

Mugabe will have his impunity clause in a new constitution blessed by Tsvangirai (who, of course must have an eye to his own ambitions and would want to have that immunity as well should he take over at some point as president.) It is this taking over that the army and ZANU PF say will never happen.

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  1. No wonder why people say Politics is a dirty game, if one is too smart, its best to keep away.It is about concessions, you can not win all or loose all, and at the very end the innocent Museyamwa in the street takes all the pain and suffering.
    There is no saint in politics. South Africa had the truth and reconcilliation commission, was that something the victims of Apartheid approved of or was that anything they saw as close to justice, especially the Sharpeville murders committed by apartheid South African Police of little school children demonstrating for a noble cause.
    If they were to conduct a referendum on whether to have the truth and reconcilliation commission or to Prosecute the perpetrators, I am more than certain that those for the Prosecution were going to carry the day. But some politicians purportedly representing the whole masses, made a decision for them, which was not of their liking.
    Rhodesian gvt committed crimes against humanity, schools were torched and closed, and people driven into camps,etc we saw then, at some time, that chapter was closed, not because the people wanted it that way, but some politicians decided for them.

  2. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa, kana VaMugabe vakambotochwawo naIan Smith, he still bear scars of Smith's tyranny to this day. Asi Smith haana kuenda kuHague, kana kuRotten Row chaiko, kana sorry zvayo, kana purazi rake harina kutorwa.
    It is shameful to us and embarrassing to see our Prime Minister in such a state, inflicted upon him, by law enforcers, varidzi vemutemo.
    I also feel pity for the young Police women who were petrol bombed by MDC hooligans in the name of our now Prime Minister's chinja maitiro. Dai Denford wabva waisawo picture dzacho next to Tsvangirai. Zvenyika izvi zvine makuva jojo chenjera.
    After all the country needs healing. It will be wrong to attribute the violence to one party, and then claim the other to be mere victims. If one child attacks my child, some retalliates by beating the child who started the attack first, then go on to beat the mother who is setting his child to attack others.In my neighbourhood sometime a combi that was taking children to a creche was set alight by MDC youths, because the driver was accused of not taking heed of MDC's call for a strike. No one was supposed to work, no cars in the road, etc. But if I do not work they were not providing me with food.Saka hapana mutsvene apa, vakangofanana.


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