How Morgan Tsvangirai Survived The Crash

ot facial injuries except forSources close to the Prime Minister have revealed for the first time just how it was that he escaped almost unscathed from the accident that proved fatal for Mrs Tsvangirai.

And it is all down to training. Most people do not realise that when  you are allocated or decide to hire Close Security- bodyguards, in other words -you will also have to undergo training. Most of this is simply being advised what to do in certain situations. Verbal training, if you will.

The Prime Minister, it is said, remembered one crucial part of all of that advice: The advice is that under such circumstances, the passenger should curl up and make themselves as small as possible. Of course, this means, like you are taught on the aeroplanes, that you put your head between your knees, and wrap your arms around those same knees. If you can curl your legs up at the same time, that is even better, but this is almost always impossible because you will be sitting down and strapped in.

Until I was told of this, it had not clicked in my mind that, as you look at the Prime Minister's photos after the accident, you will notice there are n the top left-hand side of the forehead and the bump that he got on the left eye. 

My source says the Prime Minister spoke en route from Botswana about how he was thrown against the rear left-hand side door with such force that the impact caused the bump on the forehead and his left knee knocked against the left eye.

Which means, of course, he had already adopted the advised "foetal position"  when the car started to roll.

I thought it an interesting piece of info to tell. I am especially impressed because it shows the quick-witted nature of our Prime Minister. He certainly thought "on his feet", so to speak. And I would love to see him put that sharpness into play in this GNU.

It is but a little sign, but it should give hope to the doubters amongst us for the future of his dealings with the Old Fox.

Or am I reading too much into a simple human instict? You tell me.

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  1. Greetings from Atlanta. Found you through a Nairobian's Perspective.

    "The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men"

    Nice blog.

    Mama Shujaa.


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