Mugabe Confirms Hong Kong House - Daughter Staying There


Robert Mugabe's birthday television interview, a tradition every year since the days of Jonathan Moyo, is being broadcast here in Zimbabwe as I write this.

Notably, Mugabe frankly admitted that his daughter, Bona, is staying at the house in Hong Kong (pictured above), "with a friend."

"It's for our girl," said Mugabe, "and her friend, another girl. Then we had to have enough room for, masecurity people, you know."

Mugabe denies that he bought the house, however. He says he is renting it only "for our girl, while she is studying there. When they finish their degrees, then they come back home."

The house was exposed by the London Sunday Times, whose photographer, Richard Jones, had a run-in with Grace Mugabe at the Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong, where the Firt Lady had gone to fetch Bona for her holidays back in Zimbabwe.

She is reported to have puched him repeatedly in the face and head, wit her diamond ring causing bleeding and injuries to the photographer's face and head.

Mugabe says "the Chinese government is looking into the matter" of the expose and the subsequent attention that is now lavished on the house by the media and tourists. He added that he hopes this "invasion of privacy" will then be brought to an end.

Mugabe also spoke about the Attorney General and Gideon Gono, saying they are not going anywhere, he is not going to fire them.

Since it is only he who can fire the two, this is another slap in the Prime Minister's face, who said only yesterday that the issue of the two men and their offices is one of the outstanding issues that would make it "impossible for the transitional government to move forward.

He got his answer tonight.

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