1. Thokozile says:

    Nothing really can be ruled out here. The activities of the CIA/US and the British wherever their interests are threatened or defeated are well documented.
    It is an open secret that they had banked all their hopes for a regime change, or a puppet gvt on the MDC.Now their main hope Morgan Tsvangirai is now a Comrade Tsvangirai, who is now telling the people and world outside that Land reforms are irreversible. He no longer demonise his erstwhile foe as an unrepentant dictator, deserving of the Hague. Now the language is His Excellency the President, the Honourable Prime Minister. That is a thorn on the side of our erstwhile colonisers and their allies, and it is an unforgiven sin. After all the financial and material resources they had sacrificed, which appear to have gone down the drain, anything is possible.We ain't seen nothing yet.

  1. Microscope says:

    MT promised more and the big cheques rolled in. However wisdom ruled the day and he then pulled a fast on them by signing up on the GNU. I'm afraid it is pay back time MT.

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