New Twist To Tsvangirai Accident

Mugabe's government now seeks to draw Tsvangirai closer to it by investigating and implicating the American CIA and the British government in the accident that claimed the Prime Minister's wife

There is a new twist to the Tsvangirai accident now, with the American Embassy in Harare issuing a statement yesterday disowning the haulage truck which hit the Prime Minister's car and resulted in the death of his wife.

While denying ownership of the vehicle by USAID, the embassy says the car belonges to Crown Agents, a company contracted by both the American and British governments to ferry drugs and humanitarian aid across Zimbabwe.

The government of Zimbabwe now smells blood and is latching onto the statement by MP and former Information minister to investigate the USAID.

Today, government sources issued the results of a "preliminary investigation" into the contractor, Crown Agents.

Apparently, that contractor is what the government calls "a British coolonial company" set up inthe late 1800s by the British government to pursue business interests that the British government could not undertake.

The company was privatised in 1997 by the British government, but it's ownership is rather shadowy. To this day, there is no principal of Crown Agents or an employee (except the driver) who has come out to either offer condolences or any other information on the accident. All this is proving fodder for Mugabe's investigators and prosecutors.

You will recall that I told you soon after the accident that the government of Zimbabwe was insinuating that the British and American governments were trying to assasinate the Prime Minister because they were unhappy with his decision to join Mugabe in a government of national unity.

The President's office is now privately saying that the Prime Minister told President Mugabe some time back that "CIA agents resident in Zimbabwe are after me." The source says the President asked Tsvangirai who they were and Tsvangirai either refused to name them or said he did not know them by name.

Mugabe's office is throwing around two names from within the MDC-T itself as chief suspects and prime candidates for CIA agent status. Both people are white Zimbabweans. You should expect to see their names being published before long. I expect there will be arrests, or, in the style of the bloody ZANU PF regime, you amy just hear of two white members of the MDC-T dead in mysterious circumstances.

So far, one of them is being quoted by insiders in government as having told an MDC activist, "You blacks are all the same, you just take people's money and you don't deliver.

It is unlikely that, with the continued sanctions imposed on them, the Mugabe regime will let this matter rest.

The state newspaper, The Herald, published information today which is supposed to prepare public opinion for the impending crackdown on the American aid agency, quoting government sources as saying it was suspicious that the British Foreign Office quickly issued a statement from Whitehall in London dismissing the crash as an ordinary, genuine accident.

Government is questioning the driver to find out who hired him and I fear the poor man, who was clearly remorseful after the accident and wept openly in front of journalists, will certainly becoming a patsy in this whole thing.

What is certain, however, is that the government of Zimbabwe now has USAID and the governments of Britain and the USA in its cross-hairs.

Having been exonerated in the accident, Mugabe's men now see as an opportunity to bind the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai more to the GNU and ZANU PF by "proving" that the accident was a deliberate hit by the CIA and the British government.

We are set for very interesting times ahead, indeed.

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  1. Nothing really can be ruled out here. The activities of the CIA/US and the British wherever their interests are threatened or defeated are well documented.
    It is an open secret that they had banked all their hopes for a regime change, or a puppet gvt on the MDC.Now their main hope Morgan Tsvangirai is now a Comrade Tsvangirai, who is now telling the people and world outside that Land reforms are irreversible. He no longer demonise his erstwhile foe as an unrepentant dictator, deserving of the Hague. Now the language is His Excellency the President, the Honourable Prime Minister. That is a thorn on the side of our erstwhile colonisers and their allies, and it is an unforgiven sin. After all the financial and material resources they had sacrificed, which appear to have gone down the drain, anything is possible.We ain't seen nothing yet.

  2. MT promised more and the big cheques rolled in. However wisdom ruled the day and he then pulled a fast on them by signing up on the GNU. I'm afraid it is pay back time MT.


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