Another Tsvangirai Family Accidental Death

Shaun Tsvangirai, grandson to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, drowned in the swimming pool at the PM's home in Strathaven. Shaun was being looked after by the PM and his wife

The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, lost a grandchild on Friday, who drowned in the swimming pool at the PMs residence in Strathaven, a middle-density surburb in Harare.

The child who drowned is understood to be Shaun Tsvangirai, son of Garikayi Tsvangirai, himself a son of the Prime Minister. Garikayi had not been living with his parents in Strathaven but had instead left his two children in the care of their grandmother for quite some time now.

Around the time of the death of Mrs Tsvangirai, I was told that Garikayi had actually been kicked out of the home together with his wife, after his parents objected to the union (the wife had apparently at one time left Garikayi for his friend before coming back to him. This was the source of discord, I was told.) At the time, I did not think the story worth sharing at all, with the family still mourning the loss of their mother.

It is tempting to think that, in the absence of the grandmother who dotted on them, the children wandered and one of them ended up drowning in the swimming pool. The Prime Minister rushed back to Harare from the Victoria Falls, where he was attending the ministerial retreat.

The retreat had itself been postponed due to the death of Mrs Tsvangirai in a car accident.

The Prime Minister was very fond of his grandchild as can be seen in the photo above.

Our condolences are with him, Garikayi and the rest of the Tsvangirai family. The people of Zimbabwe, I am sure, share this pain with the Prime Minister who, it seems, is getting more than his fair share of sorrows just as he reaches the pinnacle of success in his professional life.


  1. oh my goodness. What horrible news. So much death within such a short time and in one family. May that precious baby rest in peace.


  2. I read about this today. This is so sad.

  3. so sad..
    and the son is tossed out too ?
    what is going on with the Tsvangirai family ?

    RIP Baby Shaun, you are in my prayers.


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