Jestina Mukoko Freed - First Picture

This picture of Jestina Mukoko was released by AFP a few hours ago. It shows Jestina Mukoko after she had been unshackled from her hospital bed at the Avenues Clinic.

The visibly emaciated Mukoko remains in hospital, however, saying she may be in there for some weeks. She describes her ordeal as "painful". So she is free on bail (she had to pay US$600 bail and put up surety worth US$20 000), must report to Norton Police Station everyday and also surrendered her travel documents.


  1. It is only humane to have her released on compassionate grounds. The bail conditions look fair, judging by the seriousness of her case. But the interests of justice should still be served. She should stand trial once declared fit.The courts should make the final say, I hope without political interference.


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