1. Thokozile says:

    Hi Denford,
    Was there any saluting done there to the Prime minister? I see there is what looks like a high ranking Police Official behind the President. Were the Generals there? Did they salute? The country is changing and we must change with it. Even the Prime Minister has attended the burial of a national hero, at the heroes acre, something that a lot thought will never happen. Every one should climb down and move some steps back to tolerate and accomodate each other. It starts from the top, and it will be easy for those on the bottom to follow suite.
    As for Chiwenga, I do not see anything improper or political for him to say violence should stop. These are issues of a security nature, and he is one of the Security chiefs, it is right within the scope of his responsibilities. But if that is applied selectively, then that is something else.

  1. Denford says:

    Hi Thokozile,

    No, there was no saluting of the Prime Minister at Heroes Acre. The Generals arrived after the PM had sat down and they sat at the opposite end of the dias from where Tsvangirai and Mugabe were.

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