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  1. Thokozile says:

    Commander of the Defence Forces General Constantine Chiwenga has indicated that he wants to retire and get the late Elliot Manyika's job, we are told. We are told again he told his chargees at a meeting that he will find it difficult to salute Tsvangirai, even though he is now Prime Minister. He boycotted the swearing in ceremony of the Prime minister. That shows how much contempt there is upon the person of the Prime Minister. As for the boycotting of the swearing in ceremony, I do not think Tsvangirai should have hard feelings, these are the same people he has said he will fire once he gets to the top, he promised them the Hague, he has ridiculed and boycotted events that recognise and honour their contribution towards independence, that is Defence Forces Day, Heroes day and other national events. These are the same War Veterans who are at the helm of all the Security Apparatus, which Tsvangirai knows he can not do without. Will he be able to build bridges. Will they believe him (Tsvangirai) whatever assurances he might give them.I strongly believe they genuinely do not what Tsvangirai in government.For General Chiwenga to offer himself for the late Manyika's job, I think he believes he can revive the party to thrash MDC in the next election.
    Regarding the guts and instructions on Roy Bennet's matter, i would like to believe the Attorney General is working independently.Given the circumstances around Bennet's case, the Prosecution seem to have a strong case against the granting of bail, unless there are some factors influencing, which are not in the public domain. Here somebody who had skipped bail and sought sanctuary in a neighbouring country, where he is a refugee, unless that status was annuled by his visits back to country he had claimed was persecuting him.He is facing a very serious crime, and can easily abscond, influence supporters to disrupt or interfer with the case,or witnesses.
    The interference of the Prime Minister's Office is another blow to his case for bail, since it indicates the level at which interference in the case can come from. I have got nothing personal against him, but I am for Fair trial.

  1. I'm so glad I don't live in Africa.

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