Just A Genuine Accident - Says Tsvangirai (And Gono Is Chased Away From PMs Home)

Morgan Tsvangirai addresses mourners gathered for his wife's funeral at his home in Strathaven today, soon after his return from further treatment in Bostwana. Tsvangirai appears to have fully recovered. This man must surely be built like an ox or is protected by higher forces.

Morgan Tsvangirai arrived back in Harare this morning on President Ian Khama's personal private jet, the same jet that whisked him off on Saturday, a day after the horrific accident that killed his wife. Tsvangirai had gone to Botswana at the insistence of his children for further medical aid.

Zimbabwean hospitals are struggling with lack of funds, equipment and medication, with patients being routinely asked to buy their own medication and even bandages.

Tsvangirai went straight to his home in Strathaven and appeared well as he addressed mourners, whom he told:

 "There was no fould play. This was an accident." 

He is still at receiving mourners at his home and has spoken by phone with President Mugabe, who offered state assistance for the funeral.

The MDC, however, is still to discuss the matter and liaise with government on what it can help with.

Looking relaxed and wearing dark shades to cover his bruised eyes, Tsvangirai appears to have completely recovered from the accident. His swift return from Botswana also suggests that there is no real damage done to him.

Tsvangirai's statement that this was just an accident and there was no foul play puts paid to rumours that were swirling in Harare, pointing fingers at Mugabe's party, ZANU PF, while the president's party itself had already started talking about having the possible involvement of the Americans and British investigated.

Tsvangirai as both victim and eyewitness to the crime, has now come out to say there is nothing behind these rumours.

I am certain that if the truck that hit his car had not belonged to an organisation partnered by Britain and America, we would still be hearing about 


Meanwhile, Gideon Gono, who visited Tsvangirai in hospital with Mugabe, arrived at the Tsvangirai home while I was there and was chased away by irate mourners who threw objects at him.

Although accompanied by his security people, Gono had to leave promptly after mourners started throwing objects at him, shouting, "Go away, go away, go away."

Gono, The Zimbabwe Reserve Bank governor, as you all know, is involved in a bitter struggle for his job against the MDC and specifically Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti, who want him fired.

The Prime Minister asked his staff to call Gono today to apologise for the incident, and to relay his condemnation of the treatment Gono received at the hands of the mourners.

At 12 midday tomorrow, Susan Tsvangirai's body will arrive at Glamis Arena, Showgrounds, Harare for public church service. Mrs Tsvangirai was a staunch Methodist. It is expected that the service will last two hours, and at 2p.m, the body will then be taken to Humanikwa Village in Buhera, where she will be buried on Wednesday.


  1. Denford unogona kana maface epanewzim forum gave it http://newzim.proboards86.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=187551

    The one who is saying Denford doesnt lie. Or did he say he is almost always correct.

  2. Its a shame, the level of moral decay that has besieged our society. Our society has become a community of malcontents, social misfits, rascals and hooligans.
    It demonstrates the highest level of intolerance,and barbarism, it is uncivilised for some people to chase away some one who has come to share his grief and console a bereaved family.Our society has completely lost it, we wonder what has happened to our elderly, who traditionally are tasked with giving moral guidance, mannerism, respect, hunhu, ubuntu.
    Today, you hear an ten year old uttering unprintables, obscenities, offensive and insulting words to a person as old as Morgan Tsvangirai, as old as Robert Mugabe, merely because of differences of political ideologies and phylosophies.
    The Prime Minister did well by apologysing to Dr Gono, it should go further than that, such actions should be condemned by all sane people. We should have respect for our culture, customs and traditions, this barbarism which some of our fellows mistake for western modernisation should have no place amongst us.Some are now taking a funeral gathering for any other social gathering.Oh Please Lord have mercy.

  3. nyoka inyoka hainganake nekuti paita rufu .Gono zvaakaurayisa vanhu pa run off maivepi .musada kutinetsa Gono is just any ordinary man who shud come face to face with the consequences os his actions .full stop


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