"Tsvangirai Can Go Hang" - Mugabe

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe reads a brochure day before yesterday (Friday 22 October 2009) in Uganda as he attended an African Union Summit on Refugees. He has now returned home where he told reporters that he is not going to do anything the MDC-T and Prime Tsvangirai want him to do, essentially telling them to go and hang.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 24 October 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe has essentially told Morgan TSvangirai to go and hang, saying he and ZANU PF will not do anything about the issues the MDC-T are complaining about and insisting that the Prime Minister and his party will come back into government empty-handed.

"They can go to any (SADC) Summit, any part of the world to appeal, we will not do that," Mugabe, who has been in Uganda attending an African Union Summit, told reporters.

The Zimbabwean dictator also for the first time confirmed that he has reneged on his promise to swear in Provincial Governors and Resident Ministers from the MDC-T, saying of the issue of of Governors:

"That is a matter within the prerogative of the president and that is for me to decide."

"The matters the people are complaining about within the MDC-T are that we should now voluntarily, from our side, give away aspects of our authority. We will not do that," Mugabe added, essentially signalling that none of the "outstanding issues" the MDC-T wants addressed will be addressed.

It also emerges today that Tsvangirai, having had no joy from Southern African leaders, asked to meet Mugabe this last week and Mugabe told him that he was ready to see him for their normal weekly meetings on Monday. So the dictator and his Prime Minister will meet this coming Monday, 26 October 2009.

It is unlikley that anything will come from the meeting, because Mugabe is essentially keeping the issues of Governors, appointments of Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana and other matters as bargaining chips to get the MDC to have sanctions against ZANU PF lifted. Until that happens, he will refuse to budge on these.

Mugabe also displayed his arrogance openly yesterday, saying the MDC-T and the Prime Minister will come back into government whether they like it or not.

"They will come back soon," he said, saying he did "not read that they want to leave the Inclusive Government."

On this he is right, of course, as I said when the announcement to "disengage" was made.

We must understand, as I have said before, that the MDC-T and the Prime Minister made the cardinal mistake of retaining Mugabe's powers and prerogatives in the Global Political Agreement they signed with ZANU PF on September 15.

Tsvangirai, who was in an extremely commanding position after the elections of last year, frittered away all his advantages and handed Mugabe back the powerful executive presidency. As Simba Makoni said on SW Radio on Thursday last week, the Prime Minister signed a very bad deal indeed.

He is now trying to retrospectively correct the mistakes that he made in signing that bad deal, but it is too late, way too late: he has locked himself into fatal embrace with the blood-stained dictator.

That is the end of the story.

His insistence that there is no alternative to the GPA shows that he has run out of ideas. His insistence on running back to an unsympathetic SADC shows that he has not learnt anything from his experiences in dealing with them over the last decade or so.

This is a man who has reached the end of the road, with no new ideas, no fresh alternatives.

Mugabe knows this and is now behaving as though he won the elections free and fair (and this is only because Tsvangirai lacks the skills to use the powers people gave him to deliver a coup de grace to Mugabe).

This is why Mugabe is able to tell Tsvangirai to go and hang, basically, while insisting at the same time that the Prime Minister has no option but to take the abuse and come back into a government in which he admits he is treated like a "third-rate, junior and treasonous element."

It is sad and pathetic.


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