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"AN INCOMPETENT BED-HOPPER WHO SQUANDERED A REVOLUTION" - South Africa's Sunday Times On Morgan Tsvangirai

Mondli Makhanya, Editor of The Sunday Times, is no fan of Robert Mugabe. Some of the things he has written about Mugabe over the years have ensured that he is banned from reporting from Zimbabwe. Yet, in today's Sunday Times, he is scathing about Tsvangirai and Zimbabweans: "So cross were Zimbabweans at this (last week's election result) that they resorted to their tried and tested form of protest. They huddled in groups and felt sorry for themselves. They cursed Mugabe in the safety of familiar company and bemoaned their country's future. Those living in South Africa and abroad embraced more radical forms of protest: they phoned radio talk shows and wrote strongly worded comments on websites. Meanwhile, in Egypt, the people had overthrown their second dictator in three years. In Syria, the revolution was into its third year. In Brazil, an uprising that coincided with the FIFA Confederations Cup had shaken the popular Workers' Party Government. In Turkey, go

How Tsvangirai Was Outwitted Yet Again And Why Accusations Of Rigging Should Be Dismissed

If any indication was needed that Tsvangirai and the MDC are living in La La Land, delusional and completely off the mark with accusations of rigging, it was provided in an interview that the MDC-T president gave to Etv. Flighted this morning (02 August 2013), Tsvangirai gave the clearest indication yet that his allegations of vote-rigging are not rooted in fact but conjecture, delusional thinking and a basic refusal to self-examine and learn from mistakes. Asked to substantiate his allegations, Tsvangirai told the Etv interviewer that the MDC-T "used to control Manicaland" and now they do not have a single seat in Manicaland. "Could people have lost faith in us to that extent?" he asked. So basically, his allegations of rigging are based on the simple fact that he can not believe it. He took all his support for granted, that they would never desert him no matter what he did, no matter how badly he behaved etc. These are "his" people that he owns a