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This latest news is about this very blog. Reconstitution , an incisive American website run by Jolly Roger has just voted Denford Magoras Zimbabwe Blog one of the Top Five Reads for Amnesty Day. In voting for this blog as one of his top Five, Jolly Roger says: "Denford Magora’s Zimbabwe Blog  will give you a view of the troubles in Zimbabwe that you absolutely will not receive from any media that I know of. Hear about the struggle for freedom from the strugglers THEMSELVES. I’ve been hooked on this one since I first opened it up. The background that Denford puts into every post will make your understanding of both Zimbabwe and southern Africa far stronger." It is great to recieve such high praise from one of the most intelligent blogs on the internet. On another note, most of you already know that the blog is also listed on Entrecard, a massive directory of blogs and sites designed to allow bloggers to advertise their blogs on other blogs all over the world. Today is

MDC Dreaming, Say Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Officials

Latest Photos from Zimbabwe: Here, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, flanked by Tendai Biti and the previously exiled Roy Bennet, announces his party's capitulation to Robert Mugabe's government The latest news from Zimbabwe today is still about the capitulation of Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T to Mugabe's ZANU PF.  A colleague who was speaking to his former workmates in the Zimbabwe  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (he retired from Foreign Affairs in the mid-nineties)  got a shock from their reponses to the imminent GNU. He says they told him that the MDC was dreaming if they thought they would get their hands on any substantive government files or even be allowed to conduct any real business. "Hatimbovapa mafiles edu. Takatoaviga so," they told him. Translated into English for my international readers, the statements says, "We will never give them our files. We have already hidden them." "Mapurisa, masoja, majudge - vese ndevedu. Vachatonga mhep

MDC Formally Agrees To Join Mugabe - And The Real Reason Botswana Turned On Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai addresses a press conference a couple hours ago to announce that his party has agreed to join ZANU PF in government, a decision that takes the opposition into government on Mugabe's terms, not theirs. The latest news out of Zimbabwe is that the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai has just announced formally that it will join Mugabe in a "coalition government". You will find the full text of Morgan Tsvangirai's Capitulation Statement at the end of this article. The opposition party is going into government with most of what it called its most important demands unfulfilled by Mugabe. The MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai, however, are putting on a brave front, claiming that they were" given concessions by SADC" that most of their demands will be met. As I mentioned previously, the really important demands which have not been addressed at all by Mugabe are: The release of MDC activists abducted by Mugabe and subsequently charged with plotting to overthr

Right Again! Complete Official Dollarisation Announced In Budget

So? Well, the budget story is not a story to you regular readers, I broke this story on January 20 this year in an article entitled As Talks Collapse, Dollarisation Now Official . I did tell you that there would be a few shocks in the budget didn't I? And on 12 January, I broke the story that the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was to be dollarised! This has also been confirmed by the "Acting Finance Minister" in the budget.  A lot of people insisted I was "speculating", did not know what I was talking about and so on. But I happen to have been right with every single story on this blog so far. I will let you, the readers, be the judge! For you, my readers, I suppose it is pointless for me to repeat "news" that you read about 10 days ago on this blog. What you should take careful note of however, is something that the general public who do not read this blog are not aware of yet, this being the story I also broke here on New Year's Day, I January, ent

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Finds A Face-saving Way To Agree To Join Government

Morgan Tsvangirai arrives at Harare International Airport on Wednesday, 28 January 2009, soon after he had told South African media that he had indeed agreed to join what he now calls the "coalition government." The latest Zimbabwe news is all about the SADC Extraordinary Summit held on Monday in Tshwane, South Africa.  Morgan Tsvangirai has finally spoken on whether he agreed to join government or not. He says he has agreed, telling South African Media yesterday that he "wanted to acknowledge" "concessions" made by Mugabe during the just-ended Extraordinary Summit. Closer examination of the facts reveal that it is in fact Tsvangirai who is now  simply trying to find a face-saving way to give in to the immense pressure he has been under since the agreement was signed.  He has effectively dropped two of the most important demands he was making: the release of his activists from prison before a government is formed the "equitable distribution of m