SADC Makes Fools Out Of The MDC-T

This was the last straw desperate MDC-T and Tsvangirai apologists were clinging to, that Jacob Zuma would read Mugabe the riot act, unlike the hated Mbeki. On Saturday, Mugabe was pallying around with Zuma at the SADc Heads of State meeting in Johannesburg as can be seen here. Then King Mswati emerged to tell reporters that no one had written to them to complain about Zimbabwe and they will, therefore, not be discussing it. The MDC-T leadership meets today in Harare in a panic response to this development. They will only issue more meaningless deadlines and resolutions that are not very resolute at all.

I did tell you, did I not, almost a month ago, to hysterical cries of protest from MDC-T and Tsvangirai apologists ,that outstanding issues will remain outstanding.

It is now official.

King Mswati, who was living it up with Gideon Gono and Robert "Tsvangirai's Solution" Mugabe at Gono's farm a couple of weeks back, has said that "no official" complaint has been lodged with SADC about Zimbabwe's new government and that he was in Zimbabwe, where he saw for himself that everything is just fine.

Regular readers of this blog have the background to how it has come this.

I have explained it before.

Still, my position is vindicated, my analysis proved correct and my sources also vindicated. The MDC-T claimed that they had written to Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa and current Chairman of the Southern African Development Community, about outstanding issues which include Gideon Gono, Reserve Bank Governor and Johannes Tomana, the Attorney General.

Now SADC say they never received such a letter. No "official" communication.

There is nothing to investigate, SADC says.

If you have not read my previous analysis of this, let me just state again that King Mswati, the despot of Swaziland, should be listened to on this matter because he is the Chairman of the SADC Organ on Defence and Politics. This is the Organ that deals officially with the Zimbabwe issue.

It then makes recommendations about the matter to a full Heads of State meeting.

None of this is going to happen.

The MDC-T has been rattled enough by the jeering in London and this latest rebuff from SADC to call for a special meeting of its Executive today. They will meet today, yes.

But nothing will come of it.

They have built the same aura and personality cult around Tsvangirai as ZANU PF did around Mugabe. He is, I am afraid, too big for them now ("I am the MDC, he once said, without me, there is no MDC".)

SADC was meeting at the weekend to discuss Mauritius, whose exiled leader is cooling his heels in South Africa and there had been talk that Zimbabwe would be discussed, especially since the MDC-T claimed they had sent a letter to the regional body.

Like I said before, Tsvangirai sabotaged his own party on this one. He bought Mugabe's argument (flawed) that only if there is agreement amongst ALL the Principals in the Unity Government that there was an impasse could the matter be referred to SADC.

Unfortunately for the MDC-T, their principal agrees with Mugabe that not swearing in Roy Bennett, not swearing in ambassadors, Governors etc can not be considered an impasse.

As Tsvangirai drags them towards the cliff, there to fall off into oblivion and irrelevance, all the MDC-T can do at the moment is consult and discuss.


  1. Denford - as you are in Zimbabwe what do you see as the best way out of this situation... other than the obvious, vote out the Unity Farce. Sadly it is still a long way before we, as Zimbabwean's will be able to vote in anything resembling a free and fair election.

  2. this is out of topic

    I'm just so amazed!Your blog's PR5 and you have a high Alexa rank!geeez..that's super amazing!

  3. Zanna's Question is the best one I've heard in a long time. I'd love to hear the response to that.

    as well, you know that idiot mswati (and i say that in the most educated terms, because his level of understanding is akin to someone who is totally out of touch with reality, really doh) is not able to hear anything with the ruffling of those young thighs around him constantly.

    are you sure he and mugs haven't "bonded" ? and again, I do mean it exactly as I wrote it.

    thanks for your comments on my blogrolling post. I've resolved to use intense debate to make it easier to comment; as I can truly understand how it prevented you from commenting quickly. that is very important.

    did you see my post on Gordy and Mugs ? - PURE Fire. burnin they asses with the reversing candle.

  4. Badgals pointed me here. I hope you don't mind my take on a sorry situation in the coming weeks.


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