Three Zimbabweans Sentenced to Death In China

Dr Makoni's statement is immediately below this latest Newsflash.

I thought I should share with you the news about three Zimbabweans who have just been sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling. I suppose they were following Mugabe's exhortation to "Look East".
The three, Asaria Mushangwe, Taapatsa Lauraine Itayirufaro and EdithTugwete, are, however, unlikely to be executed. That's because their death sentences come "with two-year reprieves" according to the China Daily newspaper. This means if they are judged to have behaved well in that time, the death sentences automatically get commuted to lie sentences.
Still, it is a sad indictment on the rule of Mugabe that our people, for generations known and trusted as hardworking and honest, are being driven to crime by policies that have bankrupted the country and made people lose hope in the future. Mugabe is destroying the very future of this country through is policies, his cruelty and utter refusal to allow this nation to escape from his poisonous clutches. The full article can be read on the China Daily website.


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