Former President Robert Mugabe endorsing Nelson Chamisa today his Blue Roof mansion under the watchful eyes of Grace Mugabe and his first born, Bona Chikore.

The choreographed dance between Nelson Chamisa and Robert Mugabe, which started on this last Saturday, came out in the open on Sunday. The two scheduled simultaneous press conferences in anticipation of each other's big reveals.

It is a classic Jonathan Moyo move, designed for nothing else but to give the impression of momentum. What this move on Sunday telegraphs is an alarming state of affairs in the opposition camp.

Because, you see, this is an extreme move. In other words, a last-ditch effort.

One does not go broke unless one knows they have nothing left to lose. Desperate times, they say. Desperate measures.

The strategy's risks are not lost on a man of the smarts and intelligence of Nelson Chamisa. Not at all. So, knowing this, aware of the fire-breathing electoral dragons that live down this road, Nelson Chamisa decided to take it anyway? Chauya chauya?

Ask the actual people who are campaigning. Ask those who have trudging the streets of our cities and villages. The sentiment out there, which the Alliance was well aware of, is the reason why they think it was worth debasing itself between Saturday and Sunday.

It was supposed to be this way.

Choreographed to start with the presence of Sandi Moyo and Jealous Mawarire at the crossover rally. They had to be openly acknowledged. That was the price that had to be paid for a Mugabe endorsement. Even the language Chamisa chose: "the original ZANU PF". Those are words coined by Jonathan Moyo from exile, where he immediately started protesting that Mugabe should never have been ousted from power. He should have been allowed to be on ballot this year against Nelson Chamisa.

So, considering the way Mnangagwa has run this election, peaceful, inclusive and free from fear, we then ask this: We all know if Mugabe was not ballot, there would be no observers in the country. We would not be anywhere near being embraced by the rest of the world again.

Who then, would have been beating people up, brutalising them, threatening them, making see fire left right and centre?


It can't be Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. If they could not do that for myself, why would you convince me that they used to do for Mugabe?

Which means it probably would have Professor Jonathan Moyo and G40 doing the dirty on Zimbabweans. They had already started by shutting down dissent in ZANU PF, expelling, threatening and (worse) anyone, who did not want "VaMugabe Chete Chete 2018".

They would now be taking that intolerance, shutting down of dissent and spreading terror to the rest of population: "Pasi nevanoti vaMugabe vachembera, hatichavada. Pasi navo"

Anyway, we digress.

Once the public endorsement was done, the embrace irreversible, the ball was in Mugabe's court. He had to be wheeled out and made to tell the world what we all knew. He would not support Mnangagwa and Chiwenga and their ZANU PF.

Why agree to it? Because the numbers are not really looking good, apparently, for nelson Chamisa's Alliance.

With two days to election day.

Which left only the option of getting out the G40 barrel. And start scraping at the bottom of it for any votes that could make even a Government of National Unity a faint reality.

This is one story that is infuriating those who had reposed their hopes in a Nelson Chamisa who squandered valuable inspiration time giving his supporters depression with talk of rigging. Migrating Xes, apparently. Chromatography, they said. The voter's roll, also. Something fishy there. Haven't quite figured it out. But doesn't smell right all the same.

Scarfs. Caps. Adultery.

We warned about this apathy that they are seeing now. Now they want to beat voters on the head with a comatose Mugabe to galvanise them into action?

Of course its not working. The cost-benefit analysis on this emphatically points south. Down the poll pole.

Professor Jonathan Moyo and other NPF doyens must shoulder a special moral culpability for pushing to drop the veil that had made this relationship plausibly deniable.

And, of course, for Nelson Chamisa to embrace that strategy and was not madness.

As we said: Desperate times.........


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