According to sources close to the development, the reason we are seeing Nelson Chamisa going ballistic in the last few days is because of a message delivered to him by a representative of President Mnangagwa, whom he met this last week.

The message was in response to Chamisa's repeated attempts to meet with Mnangagwa and the two letters he has sent asking for a meeting. The first one, already published, asked for the meeting as a "courtesy visit".

The response to Chamisa has been that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will only meet Nelson Chamisa in the presence of Thokozani Khupe, who also claims to be the legitimate leader of the MDC-T.

The visit last week from an ED representative was to update this position and the message, we are reliably informed, was:

"We had hoped to arrange a meeting after the court case you had brought against Khupe and the other MDC-T. That court case would have settled who really is a representative of the MDC-T. Unfortunately, you have withdrawn your case against Madame Khupe, so the situation remains unresolved. Under the circumstances, it would be highly improper for a sitting Head of State to be seen to be giving you and your MDC-T faction preferential treatment by meeting privately with you. Doing so, as you would understand, would be tantamount to interfering in the affairs of your party and endorsing you as the legitimate head of the MDC-T when the matter has not been settled conclusively."

Mnangagwa message goes on to explain that  he would be quite happy to meet with Nelson Chamisa in the presence of not only Madame Khupe, but also all the other candidates currently running for President against him. "This way, we avoid being seen to be plotting in private against one party or the other. Every candidate matters in the eyes of the law and natural justice, so excluding them from the process would also raise issues that could complicate the aftermath of the elections we will hold on 30 July this year.

Nelson Chamisa has responded, as he confirmed last week, by sending a second letter back to Mnangagwa, explaining why he does not believe that the meeting would be seen as suspicious by anyone other than Madame Khupe and her allies and that the national interest supersedes the opinions of a rebel member of the MDC-T.


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