Webster Shamu, seen here in parliament with President Mnangagwa, was fired by the President toady and Minister of Provincial Affairs for Mashonaland West. The move marks the end of his political career, especially after the "natural justice" process followed by ED.

This post will also explain why Shamu decided to cheat during the primary elections in ZANU PF.

Robert Mugabe once stated during a rally, describing then VP Mnangagwa, "Igweta ka uyu..." (He is a lawyer, this one." Mugabe said it admiringly, as he explained how the VP escaped censure and action on the Tshlotsho issue that saw Jonathan Moyo fired from the party.

The lawyerly approach by President Mnangagwa is the reason why you have seen it take some time for the firing of Shamu to take place.

Mnangagwa is obsessed with the concept of "natural justice" (ensuring that both sides are heard).  I know some people are already pointing fingers at Christopher Mustvangwa as the power behind this decision but he is not.

Shamu was alleged to have done the following during the primary elections for ZANU PF out in Chegutu:

  • Premarked ballot papers voting papers, which were found in a car said to belong to him.
  • Threatened voters at gunpoint at some of the polling stations
  • Got his wife to take pre-stuffed ballot boxes to a polling station. It is alleged she was discovered
  • Intimidated voters and ensured that less than half of ZANU PF members so that only his supporters could cast their votes 

This was a State Minister and before any action could be taken, the President had to be involved. When he was roped in and informed, his instinct for natural justice meant that he had to hear from Shamu first before he could take action.

Shamu denied the allegations of threatening voters at gunpoint. He also denied the allegation that his wife was found with ballot boxes, pointing out that the reports say that she fled the scene and no evidence could be linked to her and whatever ballot boxes ended up being apprehended and turned in as evidence against him.

From a legal viewpoint, all this was plausible and created reasonable doubt.

The only thing left on the table, which ultimately led to today's decision, was the issue of the ballot papers found in the car.

It was established that the car did belong to him. It was also established that the man who was driving the car is an employee of the now former State Minister.

Shamu has no power base in the new ZANU PF under VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa. He has always been a true functionary, loyal to those he viewed as ascendant at any point in time. This is how he came to be lumped in with the Gamatox/Mujuru faction

Because he did not have a power base within the new dispensation, he knew that he was not going to win the primary elections.

So, he could accept this or he could go all out and try to win by any means necessary. He chose the later, because he reckoned he was finished anyway.

Going out in the manner that he has gone out means that his political career is finished. President Mnangagwa's action today is signal, even though nothing has been said publicly, that the allegations against Shamu have been proven to be true.

He cheated. Attempted to rig.

It is not going to end with this announcement today. This was only the first step. Shamu will now be disqualified from the primary elections. The decision has also been taken to fire him from the party.

Anything less would impact very badly on the credibility of the new ZANU PF that the new administration is establishing. They could not be seen to condoning or even tolerating this level of cheating either at party or government level.

No other party is going to want Shamu in its ranks. Not even the breakaway rumps that hate ED.

And that is why his political career has emphatically come to an end today.


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