How Tsvangirai Was Outwitted Yet Again And Why Accusations Of Rigging Should Be Dismissed

If any indication was needed that Tsvangirai and the MDC are living in La La Land, delusional and completely off the mark with accusations of rigging, it was provided in an interview that the MDC-T president gave to Etv.

Flighted this morning (02 August 2013), Tsvangirai gave the clearest indication yet that his allegations of vote-rigging are not rooted in fact but conjecture, delusional thinking and a basic refusal to self-examine and learn from mistakes.

Asked to substantiate his allegations, Tsvangirai told the Etv interviewer that the MDC-T "used to control Manicaland" and now they do not have a single seat in Manicaland. "Could people have lost faith in us to that extent?" he asked.

So basically, his allegations of rigging are based on the simple fact that he can not believe it. He took all his support for granted, that they would never desert him no matter what he did, no matter how badly he behaved etc. These are "his" people that he owns and he can not see how on earth they could turn on his party and desert him.

Tsvangirai and the MDC-T only need to look at examples from other countries to see how the mood of a people can change and they desert a party completely.

Ask the Tories in the United Kingdom what happened to them when Tony Blair took over in 1997 from John Major. They lost seats that were considered strongholds.

Ask the Republicans in the United States what happened to them when Bill Clinton took power. And then ask them what happened when Obama took power and retained it in a second election, despite all Republicans being convinced that Obama was dead in the water. The US economy was in the doldrums, Obamacare was said by every single poll to be deeply unpopular.

In fact, so incredulous were the Republicans after Obama won that they pulled a Tsvangirai and a lot of their supporters went on to social media and to the airwaves to allege that Obama and the "Chicago Mafia" had rigged the election.

But, more importantly, we need to look at how Tsvangirai lost this election. It is so obvious and was signalled to the MDC all through their years of sharing power with Mugabe that their decision to ignore these warnings can not be anything other than a certain hubris that saw the MDC-T thinking they were ordained by God to win. Supporters were taken for granted.

Here's how it unfolded:

While Tsvangirai was in government, he turned his attention almost exclusively to chasing "reforms" and fighting Mugabe for more power in the GNU. Neglecting his constituency, he fought to have tea with army generals in the misnamed National Security Council. He thought he could afford to park his supporters and only come back to engage them when he was good and ready.

So, he pursued security reforms that would never come. He fought to be seen as an "equal" with Mugabe, fruitlessly went on and on about how Mugabe could not do anything without getting his approval. He fought to get ZANU PF Ministers to attend his Council of Ministers meetings (being told by Webster Shamu in the process that Shamu did not "report to the Prime Minister", but that he had a president.

This was a deliberate tactic on Mugabe's part: keep Morgan busy with little, inconsequential fights in government while Mugabe himself kept his eye firmly on the next election. The determination he had to prove to the world that he could a free and fair election was towering, a consuming passion that he combed through every single day.

Mugabe was very clear on his instructions: this was to be his swan song, his last election before retiring from the scene and he wanted to bookend his leadership of Zimbabwe. In plain language, his win in 2013 was to be on the same scale as 1980 or better. Mugabe himself gave this game away when he said during his press conference the day before elections that his performance in the 31 July 2013 poll was to be better than 1980.

So, an incredible drive to register voters was put into action.

Using their cell, ward, district and provincial structures, ZANU PF went all out, street by street, mopping up every single supporter that they could muster to register and be on the voters' roll. This process was also masked under the process of mobilising for the Referendum on the new constitution.

But MDC-T should have smelt a rat if they paid any attention at all to what Mugabe said during that referendum. (By this time, he had all the figures for voter registration of ZANU PF supporters by ward, district, province and constituency).

Mugabe publicly indicated that he was not fussed about the constitution, that he had things in there that he did not agree with and that he really did not give a hoot which way the referendum went.

So that matters were not complicated, he publicly ordered ZANU PF structures to fall in line with the MDC-T position and vote Yes and bring on the election. He was certain he had the advantage.

His public statement, which should have alerted MDC-T to where his actual sights lay, were: "Just go, vote yes so that we get rid of the GNU creature. Remember that, whoever wins the election that will come after this Referendum can change the constitution to whatever they want it to be."

This should have alerted the MDC-T to the real motives of Mugabe and ZANU PF, which are being borne out by the results of this week's election: Mugabe had long established that he not only needed to win the election, but that he needed to win by a two thirds majority in order to change the constitution. He has achieved this.

Meantime, The Herald reported on April 10 this year that ZANU was on a mission to register its supporters as well as new voters.

Rugare Gumbo was quoted on that day as telling the Herald:

“We urge everyone to go and register as voters even though the mobile exercise by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is yet to begin.
“Registration as a voter is an ongoing exercise and we have been mobilising our people in our structures countrywide to ensure that they check whether their names appear in the voters’ roll and if not they should register.” 

The same report baldly states that Bright Matonga, in Mhondoro Ngezi was also on a mission:

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF House of Assembly member for Mhondoro-Ngezi Cde Bright Matonga on Friday distributed voters’ rolls in various wards in the constituency to ensure that people check whether their names appear on the  lists.
“I want to thank you for the overwhelming support that you showed during the referendum and what is now left is to consolidate that victory by voting for Zanu-PF at the elections that will be held soon.
“I have brought copies of the voters’ roll so that you can check if your names appear in it. All those who have not registered should immediately go and register to vote so that when the elections come we will win resoundingly,” said Matonga
The MDC-T did not utter a word, did not make a move through all of this, taking support absolutely for granted. They thought ZANU PF had accepted that it was now dead. They even deluded each other into believing that ZANU PF ministers and officials were now cosying up to Tsvangirai, as was mentioned to me by one senior Tsvangirai official, "because they want to get a piece of the action after the next elections. They realise we will bury ZANU and their only hope is that they get a post or something from MT."

The MDC-T continued to treat Mugabe on the basis that they had so much support across the country as MDC-T (based on 2008) that it was inconceivable to them Mugabe could pull off a win. A two-thirds win? Mugabe must be dreaming! they told each other as they slapped each other on the back.

Resources, meantime, were being focused by Mugabe entirely on mobilisation and registering voters across Zimbabwe. The scale of this mobilisation for the registration exercise, being conducted when no one had any inkling that an election would be called July 31, was monumental.

What spurred ZANU PF to go all out like they did was Mugabe's certainty that the elections would be held on June 29. That was the date ZANU PF was working towards. The extra month they got from the court ruling only allowed them to now polish off any rough remaining edges.

Tendai Biti and all others in the MDC-T were aware of this, but in an incredible betrayal of their supporters, they simply dismissed all this as the kicks of a dying horse, with Morgan Tsvangirai being cheered by his comrades in the belief that, (again, a direct quote from an MDC-T official in October 2012): "Even if MT was caught red-handed committing murder, he would still win the next election."

So they did not panic.

Which was a tragic mistake.

Mugabe even let things slip on three occasions, but this was ignored by an over-confident MDC-T that took support for granted , dismissed surveys done by conservative groups from the US and the UK. Some of them even dared to suggest that the survey was a trick by their Western friends to lull Mugabe into a false sense of security!

In the end, no matter what accusations of rigging etc are thrown at ZANU PF, the truth of the matter is that there is no way out for the MDC-T this time.

President Zuma of South Africa has already said that those who allege rigging must provide the proof.

It is clear that, from this morning's interview on E News Africa, the only proof that Tsvangirai and Company have is the "belief" that "it can't be true, how can people have lost faith in us" to the extent that we effectively lose all seats in Manicaland, a province we used to control.

This was Tsvangirai's answer this morning to being asked to provide proof.

It will be interesting to see how many African and world leaders accept the charges accompanied by the statement that "it is true because I, Morgan Tsvangirai, say it is true."



  1. Hi Denford,

    We have indeed missed your cutting edge analysis. Now that the election has come and gone,
    1. what do you see Zanu PF's strategic plan for the next 5 years for Zimbabwe? Economy? Land? Education? etc
    2. How will the succession issue pan itself out?

  2. It gets better guys: On 14 january 2013, Theresa Makone, co-Minister of Home Affairs on behalf of MDC-T, was reported in the media complaining that Mines Minister was refusing to release money for the voter registration exercise.

    “At its just-ended National People’s Conference in Gweru in December last year, Zanu PF claimed it had registered one million new voters. This is a huge number, enough to secure someone an electoral victory. It would look to us that they are saying we no longer need any new registration,” Makone said. (This is a direct quote from a report on that date in january 2013.

    Didymus Mutasa, ZANU PF stalwart, responded in the same report:

    “Where were they when Zanu PF registered its supporters as voters?” Mutasa charged.
    “Did anyone prevent them from registering their supporters? You can tell her (Makone) to think properly. It is Biti (Tendai Biti – Finance minister) who should release funds, and he is MDC-T, not Mpofu (Obert – Mines minister). The MDC-T should leave Mpofu alone.”

    Mutasa added: “It’s money that we need to do voter registration which Biti has failed to avail, not minerals. How does Mpofu come in? Since when have minerals been used to register voters? Makone should think straight.”

    MDC-T had already been outwitted and did not realise it. ZANU PF used its own money, from diamonds, from the Chinese to drive voter registration, announced in public that they had secured 1 million new registrations by December last year.

    Still the MDC-T sat back and told itself that no one in their right mind would vote for Mugabe.


    It is true that people in Zimbabwe have always voted with their stomachs. They did so in 2008, their stomachs were empty and they blamed Mugabe, so they chose Morgan.

    Morgan blew it.

    Come 2013, with dollarisation, no one can deny that, although poverty remains, people's stomachs are now fuller than they were in 2008.

    They gave credit for this to Mugabe.

    I personally remember talking to a security in the Harare Industrial areas after the GNU had run for about year. His comments were incredibly telling and they were in Shona:

    "Munhu wandabigga manje ndimudhara......hapana munhu wemangamanga anorarama zvavakaitwa muna 2008 (I take my hat off to the old man (Mugabe). No person could have survived what was to him in 2008).

    But, then again, this mentality is still playing itself out.

    What I find stunning is the realistic attitude I am getting from Zimbabweans I have speaking to.

    All of them say they expect that Tsvangirai will continue to cry foul.
    All of them say they expect that, true to form, the Western World and the First will stick to their position that no election can be free and fair unless it is won by Morgan Tsvangirai.

    AND all of them say they fully expect that sanctions will be redoubled.

    But there is unanimity that, now that Zimbabwe uses the US dollar as official currency, the sanctions will not change anything for them (we will be living pretty much as we have been living since 2009 and that life since 2009 has not been as bad as before the dollarisation).

    But what some of us are absolutely certain of is that, after Morgan Tsvangirai and Roy Bennett have secured more sanctions against Zimbabwe, Mugabe etc even under the incredibly thin guise of these being "targeted", the next election will see such a MASSIVE backlash against the MDC-T that it will be completely wiped off the face of Zimbabwe's political landscape, whether Mugabe is still around or not.

    Mark these words and lets talk again in 5 years. I will certainly remind you all of them, if I am also still around!

  3. U r biased. What has Zanu pf done 4 Zimbabweans otha thn satisfyn eir needs to better than em? U mus be on eir pay roll. F u only knw how much the state of Bulawayo u wldnt by publishing ur poop. He acts acts as if he is the leader of Mashonaland and not Bulwayo.

    1. bulawayo until you cum the realisation that this country is governed and run by zanu pf,... you shall always suffer,...

    2. its beta if we suffer than lettng zanu control our lives

  4. quite insightful guys, i enjoy the blog, it's so unpartisan and if i were MDC iwould take a step back and come back more stronger and powerful rather than cheap politicking.i know obviously they cannot publicly endorse mudhara but deep down they have deep admiration and respect for his manouvers, he's really shown kuti mukuru ndiyani

  5. A very thoughtful analysis. If only the MDC guys had the brains to know there is always a tomorrow than sleep on yesterday deeds they might (a big might) have performed better. As always they are going back to sleep hoping poverty will bring supporters back to their camp.

  6. This is one of the most objective pieces I have read. I told my friend the same thing today that the message that the West and MDC are sending is that the election is only 'free and fair' if Tsvangirai wins. If MDC are to unsit Zanu, they need a leader with 4 things (amongst others!): Vision, Foresight, Tact and Strategy. Morgan has none of those. We need a new leader in MDC, Morgan must step down. Zimbabweans need someone who can stand and fight not run around for external support because he cannot handle his domestic issues. His lack of tact is exemplified by his premature conference to allege rigging as soon as he realised he was losing.

    Like the saying goes, 'Most world leaders are sociopaths by nature. If they could get past the power trip of wanting to be the Big Man, they would make it!'

  7. The Voter registration exercise was marred by controversy, thousands of Urban youths were frustrated by continually being turned away, the registration was slower, the registration centers congested by Zanu militia bussed from different areas and fake registration. The Voters roll was released a few Hours b4 the elections. Has serious duplications which the AU and SADC 'observers' chose to ignore. Most Urban Voters were deleted off the Roll thus u had thousands being turned away or referred other contituencies.
    Aliens were 'denied' right to some Zanu loyalists were bussed with fake regitration slips to vote in specific areas.

    Food For Thought.

  8. Tsvangirai must leave and others lead that party. The big three in that in 1999 were Tsvangirai Sibanda Ncube supported by Misihairambwi Mashakada jongwe skhala biti + but he is now with biti some packed there bags 1 dies stills there. I smel smethng from him. Rig rig wy alway they party wkness wich party most eduketd wy thy stl whle you smone in every minstry. Tsvangirai ibva phuma go

  9. Very insightful..i hope all those crying foul will see the need to up their game in the next election...and not take people for granted..morgan thoughtthis election was about kicking Mugane out..forgot abt the masses and expected their votes on a silver plater..Lets all be optimistic n work towards a better Zimbabwe

  10. Interesting comments. However I disagree withe the suggestion that Zimbabwean attributed the "full stomachs" to Mugabe. I would say rather food on the table allowed people to analyse other policy issues. The MDC was found wanting here. For instance their promise of more jobs stood little chance against Zanu`s indegenisation and empowerment drive.If people are empowered to run their own business then they have the capacity to create jobs for others.

    1. Thats hogwash, when you say 'If people are empowered to run their own business then they have the capacity to create jobs for others' which people and which others are you refering to? can anyone give numbers to say 100 will be empowered and create 1000 jobs? for who when everyone want to be empowered. it boils down to who you know. the indegenisation and empowerement has become a trumpcard which has lost its original meaning to say take away from them and not assist them to run businesses. For example indegenise and empower thru taking over Barclays and Stanchart yet Royal and Genesis went under right under our indeginsation nose and today Cairns is being taken over by foreigners right under our nose. Besides in the begining ZANU never wanted to here about employment but later own added it on their catch friends because peole were asking a very fundamenta question to say if everyone run a business so who will work in it?

    2. And again the registration of voters is function of independent bodies (you wonder why voter registration is so sinsetive but not voter registration) it just show the depth of manipulation of the status quo because how should you register on vote me line but not educate voters on vote me basis and besides who would give a vote just because you registered me nd if so what of the already registered. And in the cade of Manicaland how many new voters were registered by Zanu as compare to already existing. This whole political system has gone down to immoral shenanigans and all these irregularites are exhibits for example all people who were bused to register at a certain constituency to prop up someones numbers and if it was the other party who had done it then they would be arrested. Talk of voters slips which are not even security proof.... it goes on and own. Bottom line is most of us regardless of being so literate have just abandoned any known intergrity to prop up this regime. Just to imagine a person who brings evidence of a lost and found in a bin ballot is arrested and not those who had the mandate to secure it yet accross town people are bused to vote and run away from cameras with the driver openly saying zvinoda vakuru are let scot free. Another one is when someone is arrested for having a book to collate results but that who gives his supporters fake slips to vote is left alone is enough evidence to believe thise cheated

  11. When you say Mugabe has outwitted Tsvangirayi, you are right. They have done so by using their bag of tricks,not because of popularity. Jobs,economy,,water,electricity,transport issues remain unresolved. At Chiadzwa the Chinese still rule the roost, even as we write. All parastatals have crumbled. $800m has left the banking sector in the last quarter.Our hard earned Zim dollar is still locked up in the banks since 2009.I can go on. So it's easy to find Morgans small faults, but hard to remember Zanu's big faults. For some reason Zimbo's have a penchant for pain, because we have brought it back again, and gloat that Morgan was outwitted. Dare tell that you weren't outwitted too!

  12. Thank you for your insight.
    Respectfully,it is not Tsvangirayi who has been outwitted;unfortunately,it is the people of Zimbabwe who will bear the brunt of another five years of ZANU rule.Note,not many Zimbabweans voted for MDC/Tsvangirayi for their intellectual aptitude or ability to 'govern'. The reason so many have done so is because they want ZANU to go.The hope was that with an MDC government in place there would be more space for a better generation of leadership to arise,better parties to enter the fray.The assertion that ZANU has won because it managed to mobilize its supporters to register and vote is fiction.ZANU has not won the election, it has stolen it. Proving it is like asking Adam and Eve to prove to us how the serpent tricked them

    1. True,its difficult to point out how Zpf managed to win with this magnitude,but still it was a 'rigged vote' and there is no way you can change that fact.

  13. In all this, the bottom line is that the majority of voters voted for Mugabe because he articulated a cause that even rural folk identified with. Morgan only has majority support in urban areas. And this support is declining as voters notice his lake of wit, tact and intelligence. The majority of voters are still in rural areas and farming is their mainstay. They got farms or pieces of farms. Its hard to out do this. People talk about how these farmers are not being supported, but they were never supported at all in the beginning so the land redestribution is actually a step up. Even the western backers are not as crazy about him as before.

  14. It is interesting that you juxtapose this election victory with the 1980 one. The similarities are indeed striking. In 1980 the Povo were a war weary lot,ravaged by a torrid 5 years from 1974-79 and of course 90 years of colonization.The 2013 lot are no different .The pre-run off violence instilled so much fear into the populace that they felt it prudent to let Zanu run roughshod over the better option that the MDC offered ,for the sake of appeasing that beast that unleashed itself in 2008.The 5 years since then,while the MDC went to sleep as you argue,ZANU(PF) just concentrated on entrenching that fear by holding out on the reform of the vital Security Cluster,rooting out the NGO Community which is a vital component in this field and of course showing its violent side now and again. Come 31 July ,the harvest was ready for the picking and was duly picked.

  15. This morning, CNN was playing footage of interviews with Morgan Tsvangrai from 2009/10/11. Very interesting to hear these words coming out of Tsvangirai's mouth on air:

    "Mugabe is not the problem. He is the Solution."

  16. What we long for as Zimbabweans is written there in our National Anthem. Navatungamiri vedu vave nenduramo (righteousness). Vashandi vatutswe (rewarded), ruzhinji rugutswe - it is important that the reward is a fair reward for actual work done and not for non-existent work or useless non-value adding work created to feed cronies and relatives. Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.

  17. Sound analysis, furthermore the Zanu pf primaries were rumored to be more democratic than those of MDC-T. Consequently, Zanu candidates where fully backed by Zanu supporters. My understanding was that MDC supporters were less than happy with candidate selection process.

  18. Above are published a number of comments from anonymous users, despite a warning to the contrary. That is so MDC-T.

    That aside, MDC-T made major inroads into "ZANU-PF territory" in 2008 election, it left me shell shocked. So I know how they must be feeling.

    The subsequent political agreement (GPA) was primarily about preparing for the 2013 elections and making sure these would be free and fair. MDC-T lost sight of this.

    Side shows really entertained them, including the most recent Baba Jukwa, who gave them false hope. It was a ZANU-PF project ab initio.

    The game of politics rewards chicanery. And a week is a long time. Bod had many weeks to eat away at "MDC-T territory" hiding it away cleverly so reveal it as his territory come 2013.

    For almost TWO years, Mugabe was calling for elections and MDC enjoyed pointing out that he was crying wolf. Another side show. When the date no-one could move arrived, Bod made sure no-one could move it, because he was ready.

    A leader like that, we will have ANY day in a world gone global, with superpowers in economic crisis and brothers countries led by new kids on the block. We are perplexed by why 34% of the electorate thought Morgan can do this job.

  19. Wow, great, fair and balanced analysis indeed. Thank you for taking time and do this in depth analysis Denford

  20. This is all crap, how the hell people vote for Mugabe again but Good luck no crying this time when he does his usual tricks. Enjoy the next 4years. Learning curve for Tsvangirai MDC was launched with a big backing from matabeleland but after GNU and the elections mdc became strangers in byo cause of the illusion that thy were winning everywhere look were that has taken them. Morgan has to go new leadership and ideas are required unfortunately there is a big Void in strong leadership besides Biti there is none.

  21. Villagers were woken up at 4am to go and vote in the Zanu primaries. Whether they wanted to or not, whether they were registered voters or not, whether they were card carrying members or not. And you know what would happen if they didn't go. On voting day the chiefs single-filed their subjects and led them to the polling booths,reminding them of their "obligations". Is that the measure of political popularity in the rural areas? Is that the basis of claiming rural strongholds? Pray tell, what is democratic about that? The village poor are disenfranchised at every level, living in constant fear of reprisals,could it be that they are always happy to vote for the same cycle of unhappiness in their life? The human psyche is such that when you inflict pain, involuntarily there is a rejection of repetition. Only in Zimbabwe is there a sadistic belief that when you inflict pain,people come back for more. And that is construed as a basis for popularity. In other words all those that voted for Zanu are happy for more beatings, bad economy, corruption,poor education system,being woken up at 4am to go to rallies........pain and more pain.

  22. We go back again to the issue of facts, not the belief that what has just happened is impossible. Your view is not necessarily the view of two million other people who voted for Mugabe.

    Go back into my blog, read my articles and the comments published in here from MDC-T supporters soon after Morgan joined Mugabe in government.

    I warned that Morgan had been put into a hug by Mugabe while behind him, all sorts of things would be going on to ensure Mugabe comes back stronger when the next election was held.

    Morgan's supporters, back then, told me I was biased because I was telling their leader that he should be careful not to lose focus.

    I was told that I was giving Mugabe more credit than he deserved, that I overestimated his intelligence, that the fact of Tsvangirai "forcing" Mugabe to share power showed who was cleverer (Morgan, according to his supporters).

    I was told that the rural vote was now forever lost to Mugabe because would be Prime Minister and he would go wherever he wanted, campaign in rural areas even when he was still Prime Minister, get the trust of the rurals and dispel their fears of ZANU PF.

    I agreed back then that the theory was sound but that the practise of the theory was another matter.

    I asked, pointedly and repeatedly that Morgan go and hold meeting and rallies in the rural areas when he was Prime Minister, long before any campaigning was due.

    I further recommended that Morgan does this regularly and that, should ZANU PF supporters try to block the rallies and meeting of the Prime Minister, then he should record the evidence and take it to SADC, Zuma and the international community, showing them what Mugabe and ZANU PF were doing to block him from certain parts of the country.

    Tsvangirai supporters, on this very blog, told me to shut up. That I was giving advice that was not needed because it was obvious Tsvangirai was more intelligent than Mugabe and would have done what I was urging anyway whether I advised or not. My advise was not needed, I was told.

    Rude words were used. I was sworn at. I kept quiet.

    It turned out Morgan did not do any of these things, stayed in Harare most of the time, fighting to drink tea, fighting to chair cabinet, fighting to get the US$ 3 million he got to build a US1.5 million Prime Ministerial mansion in Highlands.

    All this is now forgotten.

    I am apparently now a bad man for pointing out that we warned Tsvangirai and his supporters 4 years or so ago. I am apparently now at fault for pointing out that I was told my warnings were rubbish because Tsvangirai did not need to listen to likes of me, he had proved he was smarter, harder etc by forcing a GNU.

    Tsvangirai did nothing to build rural support, which he managed to get in large numbers for the first time in 2008.

    After getting these votes, he took them for granted, did not bother to visit them, to bolster that rural support, but instead ignored them, assuming they would be there agin at the next election.

    And now?

    How am I at fault, for simply saying, we told you so. Repeatedly. Over and over and over again.

    And you said we should shut up, which we did.

    But that did not make our analysis wrong or false.

    Here is the problem and I am very clear on this:

    Dofo rinonzwa hasha dzisingaite kana rikaudzwa feya feya kuti idofo. Rinotokurova nekukutuka. Asi it does not mean that the dud stops being a dud.

  23. Its very sad that one would like to respect Obama and the EU but unfortunately we can one say that this does not reflect the will of the Zimbabwean people, is our opinion attached to anyone's nerves, how do we think I'm beginning to wonder some peoples intellect. Our opinion or voice is seen through the vote and that's not our opinion today? I find this an excuse for us to suffer. I call the position of the former zimbabwean premier a clear indication of power greed the polling stations were marred by a representative from every party ZANU,MDC-Tea, MDC-N etc but if all this rigging happened in front of them then what was their role?! I URGE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO RESPECT OUR VOTE

  24. the fact is that elections were rigged. evidence is there that nikuv played the game. zanu will deny the rigging allegations, though. the election result must be condemned at international level


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