Tsvangirai No Longer In Control At MDC-T, Shocking New Details Confirmed

The Econet Founder and Rockefeller Foundation Trustee, Strive Masiyiwa, is now said to have effectively taken over the MDC. Those in the MDC-T aligned to Tsvangirai believe that the man wants the job of leading Zimbabwe and the opposition for himself, but they may be mistaken. What is not in doubt is that Masiyiwa will be a nominee, from the floor, for president of the MDC-T at the next Congress.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 19 June 2010

Lets cut right to the chase:

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai lost control of the MDC-T six months ago, it has now emerged.

Yes, the latest news from Zimbabwe is that the Prime Minister lost his party to Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet and a man many believe would make a good president, seeing as he has already done wonders in the private sector, is a staunch christian and is unlikely to filch funds from the state like some of the so-called leaders we have now have been known to do.

News of Strive's takeover of the party has been clouded for some time by the man's aversion to publicity, which causes questions of its own when it comes to an aspiring national leader.

But the details are now so well-known in the upper circles of the MDC-T that even Morgan Tsvangirai now realises that he has lost the battle for supremacy within his own fiefdom.

For instance, Ian Kay, the Marondera farmer and Member of Parliament in Tsvangirai's party, has now been confirmed by four different sources as moving around Mashonaland West openly de-campaigning Tsvangirai, saying the time has now come for the baton to be passed to a new generation of leaders who have fresh ideas and can take the party beyond where Tsvangirai has got it. The belief is that Tsvangirai has essentially reached the apex of his power and ability. He can do no more, even if he wanted to.

The genesis of Strive Masiyiwa's take-over of the MDC-T has its roots in the changing of the constitution of the MDC-Tsvangirai to essentially make Tsvangirai Life President of the MDC-T and perhaps of the country as well, should he take over the presidency from Mugabe and ZANU PF.

Immediately after the unilateral changing of the constitution of Tsvangirai's party, the Econet founder and owner moved to ensure that the support that had been given to Tsvangirai and his party all through the two previous elections was stopped.

The MDC-T as a party started struggling for funds, which is one of the main reasons Tsvangirai was forced into the fatal embrace of Mugabe and ZANU PF. He simply does not care any more.

Masiyiwa is widely spoken of in the MDC-T as one of the main backers of the party financially, pouring funds into that party to keep it afloat and funding the lives and lifestyles of its leaders.

Tsvangirai has already found an angle with which to Masiyiwa, telling a group of businessmen he met in Harare last week that Masiyiwa was even less likely to be palatable than he (Tsvangirai) was because the Econet founder is known to shun supporting fellow black businessmen.

"Muchapedzwa mukatamba naye," Tsvangirai is reported to have observed, meaning: "He will finish your businesses off if you entertain him."

The gloves, then, are definitely off.

It must be said that Masiyiwa has always been careful to keep this personal allegiance and support separate from his business in Zimbabwe, the giant cellphone company, Econet. The reasons are obvious. Even Masiyiwa's managers in the business in Zimbabwe only have suspicions that they can neither confirm nor deny about the link between their leader and the MDC-T.

The camp in the MDC-T which are said to belong to Biti, the Secretary General, is a smokescreen and the MDC-T Secretary General knows this, which is why he has never been forceful enough in his denial of the existence of a camp aligned to him.

Biti is nothing but a front for the ambitions of Strive Masiyiwa. Plain and simple. Biti knows this. Roy Bennett, who is also a Masiyiwa supporter, knows this. Ian Kay knows this. Morgan Tsvangirai knows this.

This latest news on Zimbabwe's opposition politics is even history to ZANU PF, hence the continual targeting of Econet as a business to try and starve the MDC of funds from Masiyiwa.

But ZANU PF knows that this is very unlikely to be effective, because Masiyiwa's wealth is now independent from Econet in Zimbabwe. His cellphone companies in New Zealand, Lesotho and other African countries, as well as his satellite business in the United Kingdom, mean that he was able to continue funding Tsvangirai and the MDC-T even as Zimbabwe experienced an economic meltdown of biblical plague proportions.

In addition to this, Masiyiwa is also a Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, linked to the super-rich Rockefeller family. He is in a league of his own, really.

It now emerges that, because of the immense power wielded by Strive in the MDC-T, most of the disparate groups that were floating around without a leader are rallying to his secret leadership bid.

Anyone who cares to take a bet on the following should send me an email:

At the next MDC-T Congress, Strive Masiyiwa is going to be nominated as President of the MDC from the floor by a delegate from the Midlands. The motion will be seconded by a delegate from Mashonaland East, after which two other delegates, one from Masvingo and another a national leader within the MDC-T current National Council, will also speak in favour of his candidacy.

The so-called rebels fully expect that Tsvangirai will try to bus in youths, Mugabe-style, to teh Conference and have them intimidate delegates and eventually cause chaos and havoc, which Tsvangirai will step in to diffuse. He will try to use the incident to tell the delegates that he is (just as Mugabe is in ZANU PF), the single unifying force within the Movement for Democratic Change. He should, therefore, he will argue be allowed to continue as President in order to maintain party unity until state power is gained.

It is unlikely that he will succeed, because it is now clear that several key people in the MDC-T leadership are done with him.

Senator Roy Bennett, for instance, believes that Tsvangirai let him rot in jail and failed to help him with his troubles with Mugabe because the Prime Minister considers the Senator a Masiyiwa person. Hence the misleading talk of Bennett, as Treasurer-General, starving the Tsvangirai MDC of funds because he is mad at him and such.

The funds dried up at source, not from Bennett.

Another recently arrested Member of Parliament from the MDC-T even believes that the arrest was with the concurrence of the Prime Minister and his co-Minister of Home Affairs, because the MP was said to be publicly going around telling MDC-T supporters that Tsvangirai was "just another Mugabe".

The vitriol directed at the Prime Minister in his own party is shocking, to say the least and one has to hear it to believe it. The leaders of the MDC structures have even suggested that Mugabe is a "better dictator" than Tsvangirai.

All that is saving Tsvangirai now is a residual respect being forced on the MDC supporters by the support the Prime Minister has from foreigners who can not vote in Zimbabwe.

The Prime Minister is fighting back.

Understand this, then: when you see people within the MDC-T inexplicably trying to bring down Econet, when you see them complaining about the cellphone company polluting the sites around Harare with their billboards, when you see city council workers being targeted and sometimes fired by an MDC council for allowing Econet to emblazon its colours along Harare's roads, you are witnessing people simply listening to their Masters (Tsvangirai) voice.

As always, there will be snorts of derision, which will dry up once the truth of this article is exposed. Then you will not hear a single comment from the usual Tsvangirai apologists and they will start pretending that even they were for Masiyiwa all along.


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