Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Minister of Energy and MDC-Tsvangirai alleged "Organising Secretary" appears incapable of organising a piss-up in a brewery. The Minister went on national television to lie to the nation that he had ordered ZESA not to implement power cuts during the world cup. But a large section of the Harare population failed to watch the opening matches on Friday because of ZESA went ahead anyway and cut them off

Harare, Zimbabwe 12 June 2010

A whole cabinet Minister, a man from the Tsvangirai MDC who is now Minister of Energy, Elias Mudzuri, faced the cameras last week and lied through his teeth, as has been proven over the last couple of days.

Mudzuri told the nation that there would be no power cuts and load-shedding for the duration of the World Cup tournament in South Africa, which most people in Zimbabwe will be following. (I myself am not a soccer fan at all, by any stretch of the imagination. I am more a cricket and tennis person and I have actually never attended a soccer match in my whole life. Which means I also have no intention of either following the world cup or watching any of the matches).

Still, barely a day after Mudzuri told his lie at a press conference, ZESA (the Zimbabwe Electricity Sometimes Authority) cut off large swathes of the country and the capital, Harare. From Avondale to Glen Lorne to Glen Norah, the capital was cut off for the duration of the Opening ceremony day before yesterday.

Then, yesterday, as soccer lovers geared to watch opening match between South Africa and Mexco, ZESA made sure it cut off large sections of the capital.

It was a demonstration of either just how contemptuous ZESA is of its own Minister or that the Minister, quite unnecessarily, made promises that he knew would never be kept by his bunch of incompetent idiots at ZESA.

It is a demonstration yet again of how little power the MDC-Tsvangirai ministers in the so-called Inclusive Government have. They are in government only to enjoy perks, travelling all over the world and burdening the country with tens of millions of dollars' worth of travel expenses while ignoring the quality of life of Zimbabweans.

The Minster should have just shut up.

Now ZESA are putting him in his place, showing him who is really boss at the Ministry of Energy, which Mudzuri nominally heads.

The true boss is, of course, ZESA, who do as they wish with no regard to wishes of anyone but their own.

Meantime, those of you outside the country have obviously not seen the ridiculous campaign that ZESA is running in the papers urging Zimbabweans to pay their bills.

It s ridiculous because people are being made to pay for services they do not get. And, for soccer fans (the majority of Zimbabweans), their attitude will be hardened now by the failure of Mudzuri and his ZESA to keep their promise.

I dare say people will be so angry that inflows to ZESA will actually decline in the coming months as soccer fans protest at this shoddy treatment and refuse to reward ZESA incompetence.

The Minister of Energy Lies from the MDC-Tsvangirai will obviously not care one way or the other. He has a generator at home (or several of them) and can watch the World Cup any time he likes on his satellite dish.

The question then becomes: why should voters reward such bare-faced lies? Why should they reward this insult to their intelligence.

The Ministers from the MDC still think that they are in power and have no responsibility to keep promises because no one will ever hold them accountable. They are mistaken.

The worst thing that can happen now (and has already started to happen) is that the behaviour of the MDC will simply convince the people of Zimbabwe that ZANU PF and MDC politicians are birds of the same feather, which is why they are currently flocking together in the so-called Inclusive Government.

Compounding the lie told by Mudzuri, of course, is the fact that it is now winter in Zimbabwe, the time when ZESA normally implements power cuts with reckless abandon.

The root of the problem is sheer incompetence and corruption at all levels of ZESA. The people at the power company are a law unto themselves, backed by thugs in government who believe that their will matters more than the will of the people who elected them.

Of course, nobody elected anyone at ZESA (which, by the way, could have easily finished the rural electrification programme long ago and taken 60% of our population from the Stone Age in which they currently live in the rural areas.



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