Tsvangirai Recruited By Zimbabwe Intelligence Services

Morgan Tsvangirai has arrived!! Paid by Mugabe (who pays all civil servants. guarded by CIO operatives), the Prime Minister has an army of semi-literate people trying to convince very educated and clever Zimbabweans that they should bow and scrape before the so-called Prime Minister who can never do any wrong. Even if he were to to declare all MDC  supporters "enemies of Zimbabwe", Tsvangirai would still retain the loyalty of these semi-literates. My friend Conor on Facebook is really wasting his time thinking that these are people worthy of engaging. I ignore them.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 10 January 2010

So, how's that for a headline?

This is all in aid of a very brave free thinker, Conor Walsh,  a friend on Facebook, whom I have known to be an admirer of Tsvangirai for some years now.

He is disillusioned, as can be expected, that Morgan Tsvangirai is presiding over corruption, greed and the dashing of hopes for millions of Zimbabweans in and outside the country.

He speaks his mind and one of the most obscure Internet "newspapers" decided to label him a CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation of Zimbabwe) operative in a so-called "article". The effort made by this paper is so amateurish that even my 11 year old was embarrassed for them. (By the way, that paper also happens to be even smaller in terms of readership and ranking than this one blog of mine).

What Conor is experiencing is the classic tactic of MDC-Tsvangirai propagandists everywhere: if you criticise Tsvangirai then you are CIO or you are ZANU PF. In fact, if you criticise Tsvangirai, then you will also almost certainly never get into heaven and will go to hell instead......you get the picture.

My questions are many:

Morgan Tsvangirai himself has said "Mugabe is not the problem, he is the solution." He has said "Mugabe is genuine and sincere.." - only to say later on, in October last year, that Mugabe was, after all, "a dishonest partner".

Tsvangirai, even as his own people were arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges, told the world media that his minister in charge of the police, Giles Mutsekwa, was working "fantastically well" with his ZANU PF co-Minister in arresting these MDC supporters and officials.

At a press conference in Johannesburg after he became Prime Minister, Tsvangirai was asked by a journalist: "How can you trust Mugabe?"

Instead of answering the question, he shot back at the reporter: "It's President Mugabe." And left it at that.

On this evidence before us, I think it is safe to say that Morgan Tsvangirai works for the CIO. He has been promoting the CIO agenda, ZANU PF positions and Mugabe autocracy from the day he took office as Prime Minister.

More evidence: He has unilaterally changed the constitution of the MDC to allow himself to be President for Life, like Mugabe. He has fired some of his old bodyguards from the MDC and is now guarded by  CIO (I laughed earlier last year when one clearly clueless MDC supporter left a comment on this blog saying I was lying and "why would Tsvangirai accept CIO bodyguards when he has his own party bodyguards?")

That he has CIO guards was later publicly confirmed by the MDC-T itself!

And then, as some of you also know, Tsvangirai ordered CIO operatives to stop some MPs at Parliament as they drove out and confiscate the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe cars they were refusing to give up.

He only withdrew the order after an outcry and threats to "expose" him in the media. But some MPs had already lost their cars.

The list that proves Tsvangirai has been hired by CIO is endless.

I suppose it is a blessing for some of us here in Zimbabwe that our Internet connections are not up to speed, so we have to choose very carefully what pages we visit because visiting any international .com site is a mission.

For those outside Zim, who have good connections, they end up, by default or from sheer boredom, polluting their minds visiting these websites that are so patently childish that I would be embarrassed to say I was Zimbabwean to a foreigner who reads them.

I tend to visit perhaps only Facebook after hours, Washington Post, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC and so on. My time is too precious to actually spend thirty minutes or so trying to load a rubbish website that actually thinks a free thinker can only be a free thinker because someone else is paying them to think freely.

But this is not a surprise.

A thief will think that everyone they meet is a thief who just has not been caught. An adulterer will tell you that all people commit adultery. 

This is the case here: those bought by the MDC to be blind and thoughtless automatons, robots and sheep, think that there is no one in the whole world who has an opinion of their own. All opinion, for them, is paid for by a higher master.

And this only because they themselves can not imagine having a thought that the MDC has not put into their heads!

For the first time ever, I am thankful for the incompetence of the Inclusive Government of Tsvangirai and Mugabe, which makes it difficult for Zimbabweans to surf the net. It means that I have to think very carefully before I decide to visit a website.

In the process, it turns out I have protected my brain from monumental stupidity and insults to my intelligence.



  1. Denford, I truly enjoy your blog. However, you need to disclose to your readership the fact that you are an active participant in Zimbabwean politics. As a member of Simba Makoni's party, it is important that you be open about the inevitable partisanship of your blog entries.


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