Simba Makoni Achieves Success Against MDC-Tsvangirai

"God helps those who help themselves to other people's money", appears to be the motto of the MDC-Tsvangirai. The party has admitted that it is investigating its own ministers, MPs and Councillors for corruption, theft and bribery. This is coming only after Simba Makoni of Mavambo Party publicly lambasted the MDC-T for being corrupt. MDC and Tsvangirai supporters, of course, would rather this corruption be swept under the carpet and they do not take kindly to the corruption being exposed.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 09 January 2010

Barely a week after Simba Makoni, former presidential candidate and leader of the Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn Party in Zimbabwe, publicly criticised the MDC for corruption, greed and being compromised by ZANU PF, Morgan Tsvangirai's party announces that it is investigating three of its own ministers in the Inclusive Government for corruption and bribery.

In a move that has humiliated the MDC-Tsvangirai supporters who have been denying all along that the MDC-T is corrupt and rotten to the core, both that party's Secretary-General, Tendai Biti and Spokesman, Nelson Chamisa, have confirmed there is frightening corruption at all levels of Tsvangirai's supposedly "clean" party.

The MDC-T says that the investigation will target not only the three ministers, but also some of its own members of parliament and councilors all over the country.

"Our Councilors," says the MDC-Tsvangirai spokesman, Chamisa, "have been emulating and imitating the ZANU PF model of a councilor."

Which is not really a surprise for some of us. You will recall that last year, I told you on this very blog about the way the MDC councils in Harare, for instance, had simply gone out to hire hordes of its own supporters into Council, as a way of buying their loyalty. Some of these hired people had to pay the councilor who gave them the jobs money from their salaries for the first six months of their employment.

At the time, some MDC supporters and apologists, especially those in the diaspora, went out of their way to smear me personally, calling me a liar and, in one instance, saying that the story about the hiring of MDC supporters "sounded false".

"Sounded"? This is the level of thinking within that party.

Now that their very own party has admitted this iniquity, those supporters are quiet.

But we have Simba Makoni to thank for this conversion of the MDC on the road to Damascus. I am certain that if no one had publicly called them to account, they would have remained silent and not announced a single thing at all.

In Chitungwiza, as I also explained last year, the party only acted after Chitungwiza residents approached Dr Makoni asking him to help them because the MDC was refusing to act on the corrupt Council in that town.

But the truth of the matter is that even this announcement by the MDC-Tsvangirai means nothing. It is just a smokescreen that will never go anywhere.

As I have repeatedly said, the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai have now cottoned on to the ZANU PF idea of appearing to taking action.

They announce this so-called "crackdown" and then nothing ever comes of it.

This is the last time we will hear of it.

Of course, Simba Makoni and people like myself will not shut up. We will pursue this story until next year and the year after that. We will remind you that the MDC announced in January 2010 that it was launching an "investigation" into its ministers, legislators and councilors. We will point out in 2011 and 2012 that nothing would have come of it.

And, just as surely as the sun will come out tomorrow, you will also hear from MDC-T apologists who, instead of answering the question, will instead trot out the old MDC-T discredited arguments - Simba Makoni is ZANU PF (So is Morgan Tsvangirai, whose valid ZANU PF Membership card only expires in 2012) and that Makoni has been accused of corruption himself (anyone can accuse, but that does not make the accusation true: there is still a US$1 000 reward for anyone who can prove any allegation of corruption against Makoni).

The people are not hoodwinked.

The MDC-T argument coming out now, which is that ALL politicians are alike and are corrupt has only served to confirm to the people of Zimbabwe that MDC-T people are corrupt and now want people to believe that everyone else is th same. 

It only serves to make Simba Makoni more attractive to the people, because they ALL agree that the man is not corrupt and any vague and desperate charges from the MDC will not change that.

The mood is changing in Zimbabwe and will only continue to change.

The people of Redcliff, which has now gone for months without water or electricity under the MDC-T Council, those of Chitungwiza, Bindura and other centers groaning under the gluttonous greed of the MDC-T can see for themselves how incompetent the MDC is at bettering their lives.

No person sitting in front of a computer in London or Luton or Massachusetts will convince them otherwise because they are living the misery wrought by MDC-Tsvangirai everyday here in Zimbabwe.

Denialism is becoming a hobby of MDC-T supporters all over the world. Unfortunately, they then look like fools when their party admits to the corruption. But shame is not something they understand because governing the people of Zimbabwe, to them, is a game, in which they can engage in semantics and smokescreens.

The people are not stupid and there is going to a surprise for these apologists at the next election because, for the first time in its history, the MDC is being tested in power and they are falling flat on their faces with the whole country looking.

The days of telling Zimbabweans that they do not have a choice but to accept corrupt politicians because "all politicians are the same" are long gone. It will take the next election to bring these people to their senses.

Of that you can be certain.

Congratulations again to Simba Makoni for doing what an opposition should do: keep those in power honest, call them to account without fear or favour, without succumbing to pressure from intolerant elements who think that a leader becomes a demi-god simply because he has been elected.

They forget that they are dealing with someone who refused to be swept along with the euphoria that surrounded Mugabe during the first decade of his rule.

Even as some of the people who are now cheering Tsvangirai were cheering Mugabe, Makoni kept his heads out of the clouds and refused to treat Mugabe like a God. He remained a free thinker and will always be one.


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