"Lift Illegal Sanctions" - MDC-Tsvangirai Minister

Harare, Zimbabwe, 01 December 2009

The MDC-T co-Minister of Home Affairs has called "categorically" for the removal of "illegal sanctions" placed on Zimbabwe.

Giles Mutsekwa, whose foot is now permanently housed in his mouth, told a send-off ceremony for policemen that they were all super chaps, who would be even more super had they not been operating in an environment "sadly characterised by illegal sanctions".

"I wish to categorically call for the immediate removal of these illegal sanctions, as their continued existence is affecting the ZRP's ability to diligently discharge its mandate," Mutsekwa said.

Perhaps the Minister could tell the country how exactly it is that the "illegal sanctions" are preventing the police from restraining themselves and not beating up protesters?

This, of course, was a response to the calls by Mugabe for the MDC-T to call for the lifting of sanctions. Mugabe is getting what he wants. But will Tsvangirai get what he wants?

Mutsekwa, who told an audience in Singapore a few weeks back that the ZRP was a superlative force, professional and diligent, also was full of praise yesterday for the way in which the police harass and intimidate MDC-T supporters.

"It is undeniable," declared the MDC-T minister, "that the organisation (ZRP) continues to effectively discharge its constitutional mandate despite the ferocity of the detractors determined to the ruin the country. Thus I wish to commend the ZRP leadership, officers and members for demonstrating unparalleled commitment and astuteness to permeate the turbulent policing environment, which is sadly characterised by illegal sanctions."

Whatever the minister is smoking, he should stop immediately. It is one thing to be civil and polite, but quite another to be fawning lackey.

Perhaps he was forced by SADC to do this, you never know. There may have been a man hiding behind the tent with a gun trained on the Minister should he not spew sufficiently ZANU PF propaganda.

The man has been a disaster from word go. Instead of standing up and fostering proper attitude and behaviour, he keeps quiet as his supporters and officials are arrested and thrown behind bars. It matters not to him that arrest warrants can be issued against his own without his knowing about it until after it has happened.

He keeps quite as bloodied shoes are paraded to the world: the result of an assault by police on a WOZA demonstration in Bulawayo. He never said anything about the case of Jestina Mukoko, even after the courts found that the police under whom Mutsekwa falls, had acted illegally and could not therefore, charge Jestina Mukoko with any illegality themselves.

It is enough to make one wonder whether the man is the Sacrificial Lamb, sent to the slaughter for the good of the greater party. How can he survive politically with such gaffes, unless Tsvangirai takes patronage to Robert Mugabe's heights.


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