Morgan Tsvangirai Capitulates Again To Mugabe - Ends Boycott Of Government

Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe (in the background) listen to proceedings during the opening of the SADC Troika Summit in Mozambique yesterday. Tsvangirai has now announced that he is ending his boycott of Cabinet and Council of Ministers, saying that he is giving Mugabe 30 days to implement the outstanding issues. The matter is dead now. Mugabe will not meet the deadline and Tsvangirai will quietly stay on in government, having achieved his objective of hoodwinking his supporters into thinking that he has stood up to Mugabe. He remains a powerless Prime Minister, referred to by Mugabe's most junior ministers as "just another minister".

Harare, Zimbabwe, 06 November 2009

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has now destroyed the last vestiges of any credibility he might have had after announcing in Maputo last night that he is ending his boycott of Cabinet and Council of Ministers.

It is important to note that he is doing this without any of the issues he raised being addressed. He is going back into government without any of his demands being met.

As I have explained since Day One of this "disengagement", Tsvangirai was always going to go back in without having any of his demands met. Despite all the propaganda, SADC was never going to order Mugabe to appoint certain people to the civil service of Zimbabwe. They simply do not have that mandate. The rules that govern the regional body say they should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries unless there is a naked military coup in that country. That is the most important thing.

The second thing is that Tsvangirai has historically alienated all SADC heads of state to the extent that he has no sympathy from any one of them at all. Even Ian Khama has now deserted the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and his party. That's fact.

SADC made no resolutions about the issue in Zimbabwe. They did not mention a single one of Tsvangirai's grievances and simply indicated that they were meeting as a matter of form, to fulfill the obligation they had to review the Inclusive Government in Zimbabwe.

The Chairman of the SADC Organ on Defence and Politics, Mozambican President Amando Guebuza, said that the government in Zimbabwe was working well on the whole and that there were a few minor matters that only needed to be talked through by the parties to the GPA.

"The political parties share more common views than disagreements," Guebuza said. "They do the most they can to overcome these disagreements and have shown great commitment in implementing policies and programmes that can answer the great desires of their people."

Effectively, then the regional leaders say that Mugabe has shown great commitment to the GPA and the Inclusive Government. They have made no undertaking to hold another summit should things not go well for the MDC-T.

Morgan Tsvangirai now says he is going back in and giving Mugabe thirty days to implement all outstanding issues. Mugabe, on the other hand, now knows that the Prime Minister and his party have no leg left to stand on, they can not go back to SADC because, after this review, the regional body is no longer interested in Zimbabwe.

Their position, as I have said before, remains that Morgan Tsvangirai should slug it out with Mugabe and may be best (or more brutal) man win!!

I wonder why it is that MDC-T supporters think that the SADC leaders should complement the failures and weaknesses of their leader, Morgan Tsvangirai by doing his job for him.

Nowhere else in the world has a people relied on foreigners to free themselves from tyranny. They have to do it themselves. If their leader does not have what it takes, they remove him and put in another one to take on the tyranny.

In Zimbabwe we are being told by MDC-T supporters that they agree that Morgan Tsvangirai can never remove Mugabe from power. He lacks the skills to do this. So, we are told, regional leaders must step in and do for Tsvangirai what he can not do himself.

Zimbabwe is not SADC's problem. It was not SADC leaders who elected Mugabe into office in 1980 and reelected him time and time again after that, deriding all form of opposition to Mugabe and laughing at other opposition parties started by very capable democrats like Enoch Dumbutshena and others.

SADC must never allow itself to be used to do the job that Zimbabweans must do themselves: remove Mugabe. This will teach Zimbabweans that they should not repeat the mistake they made with ZANU PF and Mugabe. Even now, they want to repeat the same mistake. MDC-T supporters desperately want to destroy other parties, like ZAPU, MDC Mutambara and Simba Makoni's Mavambo so that Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T become another ZANU PF, taking all the seats in parliament and ruling the country all by itself.

Zimbabweans have not learnt their lesson yet. SADC must teach them it.


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