Tsvangirai Tries To Rig Internal MDC Process - Claims People Have Voted For Him To Stay On With Mugabe

IN STEP WITH ZANU PF: Morgan Tsvangirai is so desperate to stay on as Prime Minister that he tried yesterday to rig the results of the internal "consultation" within the MDC on whether they will stay on in Government or not, saying the results were "overwhelming" and in favour of staying in. He was immediately contradicted by his own Party Spokesman last night. That is not going to stop, he is going to dictate his way back and impose his will on his party, which is unhappy with the Inclusive Government 

Harare, Zimbabwe, 14 October 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai trying to rig the internal consultation process in the MDC, announcing yesterday that his supporters had voted "overwhelmingly" for him to stay on in the Inclusive Government with Robert Mugabe despite the continued display of bad faith by the dictator.

The Prime Minister, however, was immediately slapped on the wrist by his own Party Spokesman, Nelson Chamisa, who contradicted him publicly, saying the process was still going on and when the results are out, they would be table before the MDC National Council which will have the mandate to announce what the people would have decided.

"I want to tell you that the evaluation is overwhelming that we should stay in the government and make this direction the country needs to take," Tsvangirai told reporters.

Nelson Chamisa, however, immediately countered this last night, telling reporters:

"We will soon be giving a comprehensive report after we are through and table it before the party’s national council." 

Question, then: What "direction" is the Prime Minister talking about? The direction we are going in now is wrong: bad faith, continued persecutions, disregard for the rule of law by the state, prosecutions of opponents by a ZANU PF machinery that has replaced the State machinery, bloated government with no policies except begging from the West, unilateral appointments to important commissions that are supposed to be pillars of good governance.

This is the direction that MDC supporters are said by Tsvangirai to be endorsing?

They are happy that Tsvangirai, as one of his supporters said in my very own office yesterday afternoon, "is now married to Mugabe and must therefore respect and obey him like a good wife?"

They are happy about this and want it continue?

Of course not. It is Morgan Tsvangirai who is still defying his National Council and his National Executive Council. It is he who is still insisting that he carries the keys to the MDC and that "without me, there is no MDC."

Tsvangirai, in doing this, is simply trying to rig the process, to preempt the decision of the people of Zimbabwe who are unhappy at his complete capitulation to Mugabe. Like the old dictator himself, he is trying to declare himself the winner in this internal MDC vote before the voting is even finished.

Why then should we trust that this man has any respect for the wishes of the people? As he tears apart his own party's constitution to give himself more terms than are allowed, he adds this to the mix? And we are supposed to still think that this man is democrat who respects the "will of the people"?


Like Mugabe, he only respects the will of the people if it is also his will. If that does not happen, then he will impose his own will and call it the people's will.

The "consultation of the people is a sham. Tsvangirai is not serious about it at all because he has made up his mind that he will take all the abuse and powerlessness Mugabe gives him and soldier on for the sake of hanging on to a meaningless title and in order to cement his position by dispensing patronage to his cronies.

These bums, Mugabe and Tsvangirai, can not be kicked out soon enough for the people of Zimbabwe. Huge potential awaits, transforming this country into the foremost nation in Africa, a second-world country within two years and a First World country within five.

If only the bums will allow the people to speak.


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