Tsvangirai Minister Praises Zimbabwe Police, Slams "Illegal Sanctions"

Singing for his supper: MDC-Tsvangirai co-Minister of Home Affairs, Giles Mutsekwa (above), has praised the Zimbabwe Republic Police to the heavens in Singapore where he is on a useless jaunt at taxpayers' expense. He says they are doing very well under conditions of "illegal sanctions" and that they are well trained in human rights issues. Mutsekwa is a former Mugabe soldier who participated in the war against Renamo and South Africa in Mozambique in the 1980s

Harare, Zimbabwe, 13 October 2009

Zimbabwe's co-Minister of Home Affairs (which oversees the police force), Giles Mutsekwa, has praised the Zimbabwe police force in Singapore where he is attending a Conference, saying they have performed very well in the face of "illegal sanctions" slapped on the Zimbabwe by her "detractors".

Addressing the 78th General Assembly of the International Police Organisation, Mutsekwa said,

"It is without doubt that the Zimbabwe Republic Police has steadfastly maintained its integrity in the face of ferocious machinations of detractors determined to collapse the country.

The ZRP leadership, officers and members should be commended for demonstrating the necessary operational acumen and strength to navigate the choppy waters of policing in an environment where illegal sanctions have decimated the organisation's capacity to fulfill its constitutional obligation of maintaining law and order."

Mutsekwa also claimed that the police in Zimbabwe are "well-trained in human rights issues".


Did the Minister not hear President "The Solution" Mugabe tell a rally a couple of years back, "If the police say "move", you move. Otherwise they will beat you up."

Do any of the MDC supporters who are being arrested for trying to claim back property stolen from them by ZANU PF thugs agree with him?

Do the MPs who are being arrested, the MDC officials who are being harassed agree with him?

The police in Zimbabwe beat up accused persons they arrest as a matter of course. It is now second nature to them. As Jestina Mukoko and other persons arrested over the years will tell him, the police beat these people on the soles of their feet, so that they do not carry around visible injuries.

They know this is wrong, and that is why they try to hide their shame.

Then, of course, there is the widespread corruption, which even a ZANU PF Minister, Nicholas Goche, mentioned in public only three weeks ago in a story I reported on here.

As for their partisanship, this is well-known.

Mutsekwa says this is all part of their professionalism.

This is merely an illustration of how the MDC-Tsvangirai has now been bought lock, stock and barrel by ZANU PF. All that is left is for them to urge their constituency to vote for Mugabe in the next presidential elections, and for MDC in the parliamentary polls, so that Tsvangirai can continue as Prime Minister.

You never know, maybe, as MDC supporters keep telling us, the Honourable Minister was forced to spew this nonsense by SADC and the African Union. Perhaps he was forced by Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.

And this ZANU PF language about "illegal sanctions"?

Must be SADC, African Union and Thabo Mbeki again.

The Minister, it appears, was simply singing for his supper.

With the government of Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe pleading poverty, saying they o not have any money for anything at all, they are still able to fund huge delegations to attend useless conferences, giving the delegates obscene "allowances" with with to do some shopping in Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and the like.

Tendai Biti, who has no power to stop these travels if they are approved by Mugabe and Tsvangirai, bemoaned in June this year the fact that the "broke " government had spent US$11 million on foreign travel since the inauguration of the Inclusive Government in February.

This is how much is needed to buy the principles and souls of the MDC, if they ever had any. Bewildered, confused, dazed and yet enjoying the creature comforts and trappings of office, the MDC in government is now simply coasting along, formulating no policies, implementing ZANU PF ones and cheering Mugabe as continues much as before.

So confident is the MDC of its support that one official in the Prime Minister's office was telling me yesterday that, no matter what they do, no matter what they say or do, the MDC will always win elections.

He claimed that by the time the next elections come, people would have forgotten that Tsvangirai ever said Mugabe was the solution, that Zimbabweans are a primitive people used to being ruled by Chiefs and Kings who never leave office once they have established themselves.

According to him, Tsvangirai has now established himself and people no longer look at what he does or says, they will simply vote for him and do as he says because they now see him as their chief, with Mugabe as their King.

"You can not fight the system, he claimed.

I now know exactly what he means.


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