Tsvangirai Loves Mugabe More Than Mugabe Loves Tsvangirai - Here's Proof

Unrequited Love: As if we did not have enough evidence already! But I thought I would point out to you recent events that demonstrate yet again that Morgan Tsvangirai's belief in and love for Mugabe is not reciprocated. If anything, the old dictator appears to be egging on his infrastructure to ignore and frustrate his fellow dictator and Prime Minister

Harare, Zimbabwe, 09 October 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai's new-found love for and faith in Mugabe is now self-evident to all thinking people, but it is an unrequited love.

The Prime Minister is in Spain meeting Foundations, the Prime Minister of that country and other officials. Yet, the people of Zimbabwe have no idea that Tsvangirai even left the country, because the State media has completely ignored this visit. Totally. Not a word of it appears anywhere on television or in print. Even the independent media has also ignored the visit by Tsvangirai (but that is, perhaps, because they are bitter that he is doing nothing at all to advance the causes that matter, such as media reform).

But this is not all.

In the last few weeks, Tsvangirai has been touring the country, addressing gatherings in Matabeleland, for instance and in Harare.

He has also been visiting hospitals and making appearances at other places that have yet to experience the full benefits of the Inclusive Government (as if there are any).

Yet none of these tours, none of these speeches are mentioned or covered by the State media.

It says something about the way Mugabe sees his new partner-in-crime that while Tsvangirai is bending over backwards to express his admiration and love for Mugabe, "The Solution" is, instead, instructing his media to ignore the Prime Minister and his activities.

Contrast this with Mugabe and Nelson Chamisa's current trip to Switzerland, which is covered by the state media, to the extent of emblazoning huge pictures of Mugabe arriving for the ITU Conference on the front page.

Yet, despite this show of disrespect, Tsvangirai sees nothing amiss in insisting that the MDC should continue to be today up to Mugabe and praise him, while making vague reference to "hardliners" who are impeding progress.

The irreversibility that Morgan Tsvangirai talks about in the Inclusive Government only applies to his inevitable march towards capitulating completely to Mugabe. Yes, that process appears irreversible now.

There is no likelihood that this state of affairs will change, which should signal to all and sundry that Morgan Tsvangirai's insistence on pursuing this love affair with Mugabe is a fundamental admission of defeat by the dictator. Oh, wait, but he is also a dictator, so it is a simple case of one dictator outwitting another. The defeated and outwitted dictator is now bent on securing at least a second place in the order of dishonour within the politics of Zimbabwe.

The people simply do not matter any more. Greed, gravy train, jobs for the boys and girls and corruption are now the guiding principles here, not what the people want or what it right.


  1. There was story on PRI's The World last week, effusing about how much things have changed in Zimbabwe (that the reporter was reporting FROM Zimbabwe, was a case in point.) He talked about all the store shelves more than adequately stocked with food and supplies, then lamented the ability of Zimbabweans to buy any of it!

    I heard that PM Tsvangirai was shortlisted to win the Nobel PEace Prize. Do you think he was any more or less deserving of it than President Obama.

  2. Definitely less deserving was Tsvangirai of that Prize than Obama. He has not shown any promise and has no programme of action to advance peace in Zimbabwe. Although we have established a National Healing Organ, he has ignored it, instead getting more concerned about jobs for his men and women instead of pursuing a foundation for peace.

    You are right that the fact that the shop shelves are full does not signal anything when 90% of people in Zimbabwe are unemployed and unable to buy the goods.


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