Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai

Having always admired Mugabe, Tsvangirai is now emulating the man in whose shadow in now lives and works. He has unilaterally extended his term of office, doctoring the MDC constitution to remove the term limits imposed on him in it

Harare, Zimbabwe, 09 October 2009

We can with the utmost comfort refer to Morgan Tsvangirai as dictator, putting him in the same league as Robert "The Solution" Mugabe."


It now emerges that Morgan Tsvangirai and his lackeys in the MDC have ammended the MDC constitution t get rid of the term limits imposed on the President of the MDC. Actually, it was just quietly deleted, without consulting the people, without consulting the membership and without putting the matter to a vote at an MDC Congress, which is the only body that can make this decision.

The new constitution by Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai is actually being distributed to the members and organs of the party right now, so that it replaces the one they currently hold. Their activities from now on will be guided by the new doctored Constitution.

Tsvangirai's determination to emulate Mugabe on the issue of hanging on to office started a while back and I have written about it here before.

I wonder where those MDC sheep who have vowed on this blog that it was not true Tsvangirai would seek to extend his term of office are now?

Previously, Tsvangirai went about it in a dishonest manner, saying that his two terms should be counted not from when he was first elected leader of the MDC, but from the 2005 split that led to the formation of the MDC now led by Arthur Mutambara.

But this was never formally put to a vote and the clause limiting him and his vice president to two terms at the helm of the party stayed on.

Now, as the Zimbabwe Independent also reports today, Tsvangirai and his cronies in the MDC decided that they will not take the matter to Congress. Instead, they decided to take the law into their own hands and ammend the constitution unilaterally.

Even MDC MPs and officials who spoke to the Zimbabwe Independent are unhappy about this dictatorial move.

And they should be.

It now means that the MDC has no moral authority whatsoever left to criticise ZANU PF and Mugabe on the issue of succession. Tsvangirai has demonstrated through this that he is simply another Mugabe, wearing an MDC face.

As the Independent points out, the move now means that it is only Tsvangirai who will now decide when he wants to step down, not the people or the membership or the law of his party.

He is now joined in this by his vice-president, whose term limit has also been expunged from the constitution.

This is an indefensible travesty by Dictator Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai but do not expect his sheep to see anything wrong with this.

Their aim is not to bring a new governance culture in Zimbabwe. Their aim is not to set good precedence in Zimbabwean politics. Their aim is not to clean up Zimbabwean politics.


Their aim is to establish a new dictatorship of Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC and, as Eddie Cross made clear this week, to be greedy and corrupt while they are at it, because they are cut from the same cloth as Mugabe and ZANU PF and see nothing wrong in being corrupt and greedy because ZANU PF is also the same.

But, by doing this, the MDC have forfeited any claim they may ever have had to a moral high ground. They have exposed their greed for power and their contempt for Constitutions.

I just feel pity for who, without any evidence, insisted that Tsvangirai would not seek to extend his term and that is he did, "we will resist him, he will not be a problem for us like Mugabe."

Well, he has learnt very well from Mugabe and they can not get rid of him now because, like Mugabe, he is not even giving them the chance to do this.


  1. MDC-T has resorted to an online poll as a way of getting feedback from the people on whether they should continue in government.

    Only the elite feeding from the same trough as Tsvangson are esteemed enough to use online polling!!

  2. Very True, ComplexB and good to hear from you again!

    The MDC and Tsvangirai especially, are not serious about this "consultation" thing. I am not sure what the result of the online polling will be but if it goes against Tsvangirai's stated position of staying on in the Inclusive Exclusive MisGovernment, then the poll will be ignored.

    We now have two dictators, one cheered by the people, the other hated. But they are both dictators all the same.

    A crying shame.

    Viva Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai, The Supreme Leader, The Wise One, The infallible, Always Sinned Against, Never A Sinner.

    His supporters must think even the Lord Jesus himself is jealous of the saintly nature of our brand new dictator.


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