Now Tsvangirai Blames His Supporters For The Inclusive Government

"Yes, you ...." the so-called Prime Minister and his party now want to criminally compromise the people of Zimbabwe and especially gullible MDC supporters by getting them to endorse the criminally flawed agreement that gave birth to the Inclusive MisGovernment

Harare, Zimbabwe, 05 October 2009

Soon after a meeting of the MDC National Council last week, the party issued a statement saying that they have not only appealed to SADC yet again (appeal is the word they used, although "beg" might have been more appropriate), but they will also be consulting their constituency.

The killer line was when the MDC said that the the people were "the real owners of this Agreement."

So now it is the peoples' fault?

When Tsvangirai and Mugabe were negotiating as the country's currency crashed and burned, fuel disappeared and the suffering of the people intensified last year, the MDC never bothered to give so much as an update on negotiations to its support base, never mind the nation.

They flew off to South Africa where they hid in Presidential Guest Houses and safe houses, refusing to let the people know what was taking place.

While closeted behind Presidential gates like this, the MDC were outwitted left and right by Mugabe and ended up willingly signing the agreement (Tsvangirai was never "forced" to sign, a grown man like that can not be forced, except maybe at gunpoint. What happened was that he failed to get the upper hand over Mugabe. All South Africa and SADC did was listen to his wishes, convey them to Mugabe and if Mugabe refused to assent, there was nothing they could do short of declaring war on Zimbabwe to depose Mugabe, which was never going to happen).

Anyway, here we are now.

The MDC, no longer in love with its and ZANU PF's love child, now wants to foist it upon the very people they ignored throughout the process - the people.

Not that it matters anyway. Tsvangirai says the MDC stays, whether the people like it or not. The consultation is only in the hope that the people will say stick it out.

At which Tsvangirai will do just that and then, at the next election, he will tell them that it was they who forced him to get in bed with Mugabe, just as SADC forced him to do the same before that.

Since Zimbabweans, and especially MDC supporters seem to want to pretend to have short memories, I shall refresh them here.

We all recall that in January this year, Tsvangirai announced to the world that he had finally agreed to join the Inclusive Government with Mugabe because ZANU PF had made significant concessions on all the MDC outstanding issues.

Eddie Cross, in justifying the move also made the same comments on his website.

So if these concessions were made, why are they crying now?

Did we not point out, point by point, right here on this blog, how there was not even a single concession Mugabe had made. MDC supporters disagreed in their normal insulting and name-calling manner, which they employ in place of reason.

Yet we now know that we right on this blog: no concessions were made and even the promise of a "review of the Inclusive Government in six months" made by SADC was never going to happen. Why? Because the review was mainly going to look at the issue of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

This was negated when, a week before the review date was due, Tsvangirai told the Mail and Guardian in an interview that the his Minister of Home Affairs was working "fantastically" well with his ZANU PF counterpart.

This he said even as farms were invaded, MDC MPs and supporters were arrested.

Then a week later in the DRC he wants to change his mind and say it is not working so well and SADC must intervene?

What of the talk from Tsvangirai for nearly six months that everything was fine in the Inclusive Government?

Bottom line: The MDC should leave the people out of this. They never consulted them in the first place, and they are not about to consult them now. The whole thing is a charade.


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