"No National Healing" - Government Reveals

The original proponet of the Transitional Government, Simba Makoni, has always been clear that National Healing is one of the most important tasks of such an administration. He has consistently also stated that there can be no national healing without justice, that people will have to be held to account so that a message is sent to the future that there will never again be impunity in Zimbabwe. That this process is being ignored by Mugabe and Tsvangirai (above, as Tsvangirai signs on to be Prime Minister), tells us that this is no Transitional government. Tsvangirai simply repeats the words of Makoni without understanding their full import.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 14 October 2009

One of the cornerstones of the Inclusive Government of Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe, national healing and reconciliation, is in disarray, one of the "ministers" responsible revealed yesterday in Mutare.

Gibson Sibanda, the Minister in charge of the process in the Mutambara MDC, says an All-Stakeholders' Conference, due to take place in November has now been back way into 2010. He claims that there is no funding for the process.

Almost two month sago, Mugabe and Tsvangirai launched the process at the Rainbow Towers in Harare amidst high-sounding words and promises. Since then, nothing has been heard of the matter as tensions continue, persecutions and prosecutions go ahead and clashed between MDC and ZANU PF supporters still taking place as happened last month at Mupedzanhamo Market in Harare.

This is just a Mugabe tactic, which Tsvangirai is swallowing naively, as he believes, like officials in his office say, that he is now set for life and will be returned to office again and again even if he fails to get justice for his supporters who were terrorised, killed and traumatised throughout the history of the MDC and especially during the extremely violent Presidential election :run-off" in June last year.

While pleading poverty, saying they have no money to fund such a crucial process as this, Tsvangirai and Mugabe have no problems finding the money to fund extravagant and superfluous trips overseas.

Even as Mugabe and Tsvangirai tell us to prepare for elections early in 2011, they are pushing back the process of National Healing and Reconciliation, which is supposed to ensure that there will never be a repeat of violence in future elections.

It tells us that they are not serious at all about this. It is all just talk.

Meantime, we have three full Ministers, with a staff complement to do justice to the greed and patronage of these two parties. 

We know that ZANU PF has never dismantled its terror infrastructure in the rural areas, with camps set up for the run-off still in existence, simply waiting for the next elections in order to unleash even more violence and intimidation.

Yet, through all of this, we still have, to this very day, MDC supporters simply stating that violence will not occur in future that we will go ahead to have "peaceful, free and fair elections" next time around.

This is based merely on wishful thinking, with facts to support the assertion on the ground. The capacity of MDC supporters to delude themselves again comes to the fore. Instead of pushing now, making noise and demanding of their leadership the justice that dead MDC supporters cry out for from their graves, they just exhibit this blind faith in Mugabe, that, all of a sudden, he has now transformed into a peaceful man because Tsvangirai is Prime Minister.

Yet, when Mugabe predictably disappoints them they will immediately run off to SADc and the African Union, demanding that they do something.

No sirs. That work should start now. The vigilance should start now, instead of the blind faith you display in Mugabe's transformation into Nobel Peace Prize material just because your leader, Tsvangirai has a meaningless title.

I have said this before and I will say it again even if MDC sheep refuse to accept thr truth:

This government is simply a hiatus for Mugabe, a ploy to give himself breathing room. He will come back with a vengeance after the end of this so-called transition. In fact, it is actually a a transition back to the old ZANU PF ways, back to tyranny and business-as-usual.

Time, as ever, will prove that we are right yet again, while MDC supporters insist that Mugabe will never be able to pull off violence again because there will be a new constitution and a new Electoral Commission.

As One ZANU PF official said to me only a week ago "Constitutions do not count votes."


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