Barack Obama Humbles Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai, taking the delusions of his supporters seriously, had flown off to Europe to be near Norway in case he wan announced the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! He is seen here yesterday in Spain, being received by that country's Prime Minister. All this globe-trotting is costing the country money that we do not have. Tendai Biti revealed in his mid-term policy review that the government had, in six months, spent more than US$11 million on foreign travel for ministers, the Prime Minister and Mugabe. That bill is being added to and there is no benefit we are getting from these jaunts at all. They are simply opportunities for officials and politicians to line their pockets with expense allowances and to go shopping. And they should get a Nobel Peace Prize for that?

Harare, Zimbabwe, 09 October 2009

Dictator Morgan Tsvangirai, who was nominated by his sycophants for the Nobel Peace Prize in the biggest joke of the decade, has been humbled after Barack Obama was announced today as the winner of that prestigious Norwegian prize.

Obama was chosen from nominations that were said to number 205 or more. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee only releases the names of the nominees 50 years after the winner is announced, so there is no sure way to establish that Tsvangirai was one of the contenders.

But so many reputable organisations, including CNN, mentioned him as one of the nominees.

It shows the level of delusional thinking amongst Tsvangirai supporters, who seriously thought that a dictator like the MDC leader who agreed with Mugabe in the GPA that the MDC, like ZANU PF, also has bands of murderous thugs on the loose in the country, could seriously be considered for a prize.

One is prompted to ask: if two dictators clash and one of the two dictators is beaten up thoroughly and given a black eye, does that make the beaten up dictator a a "peaceful man".

Of course not.

But that is now the level of thinking in the opposition party/movement.

We in Zimbabwe are in a temporary phase (not a transitional one as Tsvangirai keeps telling us). It is temporary only because both men could see no way out, not because either of them is committed to peace and tranquility in Zimbabwe.

Look at their focus right now: power, positions and control or as Simba Makoni puts it "power, command and control".

Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk were awarded the Nobel Prize because they it was clear that Nelson Mandela was genuinely committed to peace and reconciliation. Even as they negotiated and he flew around the country making friends with his former jailers, joking with the prosecutor who put him behind bars, it was clear that Mandela understood his role and he almost single-mindedly focused on making sure lasting peace prevailed.

De Klerk himself had given up power willingly, knowing that he would not be elected President ever again. Even as the ANC (from which Nelson Mandela, despite his protests, was seen as set apart) continued to refuse to disarm, he went ahead and insisted on progress on a power hand-over. It was clear that the two men were never going back.

But the Tsvangirai/Mugabe thing is another animal altogether. Forced together, fighting over space at the feeding trough, positions and seats on the gravy train, they appear not concerned at all about national healing or establishing a lasting peace.

Everyone expects the next elections to be violent, because they expect both parties to go back to their old ways.

So they could never have fooled the wise committee of the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is not the first time that Tsvangirai's supporters have nominated him (the Committee does not reject any nominations, so I could nominate my dog and it will also be an official nominee)

It really will be a cold day in hell indeed before the either of the two dictators, Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe, get a Nobel Peace Prize.

But do not expect that to stop Tsvangirai supporters nominating him. They have huge capacity for self-delusion, such as when they deluded themselves that the power-sharing arrangement with Mugabe meant that Mugabe was finished. Such as when they told us that Mugabe and Tsvangirai would be equals in the new government.

Such as when they told us that the police were now all behind the MDC leader and would disobey orders to arrest and harass MDC supporters and officials.

Such as when they told us that Mugabe's Permanent Secretaries could stay on because they would be non-partisan and apolitical.

Such as when they told us that Tsvangirai is a democrat who would never dream of amending the Constitution to give himself illegal terms beyond the two-term limit.

The full list would make your eyes water.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee showed today that it is not as easily fooled as Tsvangirai supporters thought. They showed that the standards to which Tsvangirai supporters hold Tsvangirai fall far short of what is required of true statesmen.

Barack Obama triumphed because he has shown the world and the committee that he, less than a year into his term, has the qualities that should be encouraged in order to make peace on earth a more realistic prospect.

Morgan Tsvangirai does not.


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