Zimbabwe, Prepare For Massive Darkness - Electricity Authority Warns The Country

Harare, Zimbabwe 03 September 2009

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has warned Zimbabweans to brace themselves for massive power cuts as it steps up load-shedding.

The load shedding, which will, according to ZESA hit the Eastern parts of Zimbabwe, as well as the Eastern surburbs of Harare, is a result of a "fault" that has meant that Zimbabwe has stopped all imports of power from Cabora Bassa in Mozambique.

Nyanga, Rusape, Rusape, Chiredzi and areas near them will bear the brunt of the power cuts, warned ZESA yesterday in a statement.

The statemenr comes a bit late for some, with areas like Arcadia in Harare having gone for two weeks now without power and a week without water in their taps.

Mabvuku residents are up in arms because they last saw water in their taps three years ago and sewage is flowing in their streets.

This is, of course, also affecting industry, with companies like Hunyani recently closing down their Norton plant because of the erratic supply of power which meant that they could not operate at all, never mind profitably.

Promise after promise has been made by the government, including the trumpeting of a "deal" with Nampower of Namibia, who were going to refurbish one of our furnaces in Hwange to boost generating capacity, but that has now died a quiet deaths amid confusing reports of debts not being paid and promises not being honoured.

Even the advent of Tsvangirai and Mugabe's Inclusive Government has failed to address the issue.

Right now, Zimbabwe is limping along on the charity of the South African who continue to supply power what power they can even if they do not get paid.

The capacity is there in Zimbabwe to meet all our electricity needs, but it is political will that is lacking. Not even the new government can afford to thin out its feeding trough and divert some resources to providing lasting solutions, preferring instead to spend millions on travel and retreats while industry burns and citizens stew.

You can also be certain now that the next agricultural season will also be affected by the lack of reliable power supplies and we will be begging for food yet again next year, as has already been predicted by the United Nations and other agencies.


  1. Hi denford

    In a future article, would you care to explain the relationship between Mugabe, Billy Rautenbach and John Bredenkamp.

    I'm confused, since Mugabe hates white people so much, how come those two have not only been left alone. but they have prospered?


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