Zimbabwe Hermaphrodite And "Her" Husband In Court For Rape

In the absence of a picture of the accused persons (the identity of the minor is protected by Zimbabwean law and publicising the pictures of the accused breaches that protection), you will have to make do with a picture of the Chiredzi River above, complete with two lions drinking. It is in Chiredzi that a hermaphrodite and "her" husband are facing charges of raping a minor.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 09 September 2009

Yes, I know, it is not the sort of thing I usually cover, but this story is simply too strange for me to ignore.

Linia Mudehamda, who is a hermaphrodite (with both male and female sexual organs), was arrested on 17 August this year together with "her"husband and charged with the rape of a minor, their 15-year old niece, who was in their custody.

Mudehama's husband, Kirinda Simango, has no arms. It was not immediately clear in court whether he was born that way or lost them through an accident.

In any case, the court was told by Prosecutor Liberty Hove that the two, sometime in July this year went to the hut where the minor was sleeping.

Mudehama held the girl down while her husband raped her.

The same week, Mudehama herself apparently then used her male organ to also rape the minor.

The abuse continued for a whole week, and on separate occasions, before the minor was able to report what was happening to her bigger sister when she came to visit. The sister immediately reported the matter to the police and the two were arrested on 17 August.

When the couple appeared in court, they were remanded in custody and were due to appear again in court in Chiredzi yesterday, but there has been no word on that court case yet.

Zimbabwean courts take a very dim view of rapes and moreso those involving minors, as it should be, but it is the status of one of the accused that makes this a strange case indeed.

The incident took place in the sugar-cane-farming area of Chiredzi, in southern Zimbabwe, near the ancient city of Masvingo.


  1. I agree - that is too warped to ignore but I seriously wish i could unread it now!


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