We Were Right About These Greedy, Lying MPs

Not only did the MDC lie that their MPs had returned the blood-stained cars from the Reserve Bank, but now, those MPs are refusing to give back those cars, as reported today by The Standard. They want to buy them "at book value"! This despite the fact that they each got brand new US$30 000 cars recently

Harare, Zimbabwe, 21 September 2009

When I exposed here the fact that MPs from the MDC had defied Morgan Tsvangirai and refused to hand back the cars that Gideon Gono gave them ("on loan", it was claimed.), we had all sorts of people saying we were wrong.

Even the Prime Minister and his ministers lied to the people and some publications with MDC agendas duly parroted that with headlines such as "MDC MPs return Gono Vehicles".

Now The Standard reports that the MPs never returned the cars at all. In fact, after they were given US$30 000 each to buy new cars from local garages, they are now refusing to give back the ones "on loan" from Gono.

The Standard points out that this is unprecedented in Zimbabwean history - the MPs will now have two cars each while the government pleads poverty on teachers' and doctors' salaries.

There are ZANU PF greedy MPs on this list of MDC greedy ones. But we have always known about the greed within ZANU PF. It is the MDC MPs whose greed now shocks, dismays and embarrasses their supporters. Some of these supporters, of course, will feel no shame, but they are a tiny minority.

It was their party, the MDC and their leader, the Prime Minister, as well as Finance Minister Tendai Biti who made an issue out of these cars. It was the party itself that took the position that their MPs were holier than the ZANU PF MPs and should not take the blood-stained cars from Gono.

ZANU PF had no problems and encouraged its MPs to help themselves to TWO cars if they could, while the nation starves. No surprises there.

But now, MDC MPs are also joining their ZANU PF partners-in-crime to demand that the RBZ cars be sold to them at book value.

It is time to end this charade.

This is nothing short of corruption. Whose money is it that they think they are spending? Zimbabweans must now pay tax, not to get their collapsed and potholed roads seen to, but to instead fund the lavish lifestyles of public servants?

What sort of twisted logic makes these people think that the electorate will be amused by this at the next election.

Every single MP from this group should be exposed and decampaigned in his constituency, where raw sewage is probably running in the streets. Kick them out. That ought to teach them a lesson.

These guys really underestimate the changing mood amongst the people, who see now that this nation will only go forward when it is run by men who despise corruption, whose tastes are simple and whose abiding passion is the development of the areas that elected them.

Not this.

Believe me, they will be taught a lesson they will never forget.

But we also know now that the Prime Minister lacks the spine to stand up to his own party, except when he has Mugabe on his side, as he is doing on continuing in government. His own MPs defied him and got away with it.

Is anybody in charge in this party? And what moral compass do those in charge use to direct their affairs? What sort of moral authority do you have when you allow such crass corruption to fester under your nose?

Why is it that your members feel they should destroy all faith in politics people ever had?

It is time to accept what has been clear to all thinking Zimbabweans for ages now: the MDC is no different to ZANU PF. Not at any level.

They are just as corrupt, greedy and intolerant as their ZANU PF marriage partners.

They are no democrats and only embrace that notion in order to be given a chance to loot and stick their snouts in the feeding trough for just five years.

They must both be kicked out.


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