Tsvangirai "Suspends" The Mugabe CIO Guarding Him

Morgan Tsvangirai had been given 15 bodyguards from the CIO, such as the ones seen above roughing up journalists on behalf of a livid Mugabe at an African Union Summit. He has now suspended them (he can't fire them) because they, in his words, compromised his security during Jacob Zuma's visit to Zimbabwe last week.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 04 September 2009

It is reported today by the Zimbabwe Independent that Morgan Tsvangirai has been forced to suspend some CIO operatives who he had been given by Mugabe as bodyguards

There are 15 of them (take that in - fifteen CIOs who have been guarding Tsvangirai since he became Prime Minister).

When I revealed that Tsvangirai had accepted these bodyguards, MDC apologists on the internet dismissed it, saying I was lying and that there was no way Tsvangirai would accept Mugabe CIOs as bodyguards because he had his own guard.

Well, they have egg on their faces now because Tsvangirai accepted 15 of them (what a waste of money! Who needs to be guarded by so many people in the first place? What is the difference between him and Mugabe then, if he could accept such wasteful expenditure.)

The issue would have remained shrouded in mystery, with MDC supporters and apologists continuing to delude themselves that their Prime Minister and leader has retained his own party guards.

The 15 bodyguards were suspended, not dismissed (to be reinstated later, of course) because Tsvangirai said they had compromised his security at the State Dinner held by Mugabe for Jacob Zuma at the State House in Harare.

The 15, who the MDC says in today's Independent have always been taking orders from some other forces in government and not Tsvangirai or his MDC, had kicked out the car with his party bodyguards, telling them to leave State House because this was a State Dinner and not a party event.

That car they ordered off the ground of State contained what Tsvangirai considers his "close security team" drawn from his bodyguard within MDC.

As I pointed out in February when I posted the article in which I revealed that Tsvangirai had accepted more than ten bodyguards from Mugabe, these CIO operatives are there simply to ensure that nothing Tsvangirai does is kept secret from Mugabe.

So, yet again, the truth outs in the end.


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