MDC Minister Mhashu Says Inclusive Government is Just Super

Minister Fidelis Mhashu of the MDC-Tsvangirai. He is more than happy with the way the Inclusive Government is working!

Harare, Zimbabwe, 30 September 2009

And what is this, then?

Fidelis Mhashu, MDC Tsvangirai minister of something to do with rural houses and social amenities told a gathering of villagers at Rukuma School in Mhondoro that the Inclusive government is "healthy, intact" and working well together.

He claimed that there was a spirit of togetherness in the Government, which should be emulated by the people.

I suppose this togetherness does not apply to Roy Bennett, the promised Governors and all the other "outstanding issues?"

Or perhaps he was scared that there were two ZANU PF ministers present at the function and did not want to appear ungrateful for being allowed to serve in Government despite the fact that Morgan Tsvangirai actually won the election.

Then again, it could have something to do with that blow to the head that he got when he was robbed at Mutumwa Mawere's house in South Africa last month.

You do, of course, recall that incident, in which the Minister was hospitals and had to have stitches in South Africa after he had gone there without informing the South African police, who said if he had done so, they would have given him VIP security?

Honestly, it beggars belief that, at a time when the whole party of MDC Tsvangirai is unhappy and has even pretended to go back to the people to ask their opinion, the Minister should choose to undermine that position by declaring that everything is just spiffy in this moribund, clueless, policyless dysfunctional monstrosity.

Whatever got into him?

Simple. He owes his position to Tsvangirai. The Prime Minister says no pulling out except maybe at gunpoint. So what you hear from Fidelis Mhashu is simply "His Master's Voice."


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