Mugabe Steals Another Ministry! Again.

Here we go again: Robert Mugabe swiped everything from Nelson Chamisa's ministry earlier this year and only relented after Tsvangirai protested. Now it turns out he didn't actually accept, with one highly-placed source saying Mugabe "just let Tsvangirai and Chamisa believe what they wanted to believe." It now turns out that Mugabe has gone much further than previously disclosed in tearing up the agreement he had with Tsvangirai in the formation of this Inclusive Government. This Government is basically dead. But we are being told that it is "merely resting its eyes." Roll on, Monty Python.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 10 September 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe seems to have something against Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T Minister of Information Communication Technology.

The Zimbabwe dictator has rescinded the agreement he had with Morgan Tsvangirai to give back control over key aspects of the communications industry to Nelson Chamisa.

Now, Telone, NetOne and other issues that had been given back to Chamisa have been taken back. Yesterday, Nicholas Goche, who is the Minister of Transport and Communications, called the press together to tell them that he had directed TelOne to reduce their tariffs.

But that is not the real story.

It took me the better part of the day to get to the bottom of this issue, but I finally did.

You will recall that previous instructions to Telone to reduce their tariffs were announced by Chamisa, the MDC minister. He also directed operations at the Government cellphone company, Netone.

Well, no longer.

Mugabe has taken all of that back and given it to Goche, who is a senior minister in ZANU PF and one of the negotiators in the talks that led to the formation of the Inclusive Government.

It now also makes sense that Tsvangirai last Tuesday said SADC also had to look into the issue of the allocation of ministries. Mugabe is reneging left right and centre and it appears that there is nothing Tsvangirai can do about it.

This is HUGELY significant, because, like I told you in my article earlier this week entitled "It's All Over", this really signals the end of the Unity deal.

What is happening is that Mugabe is now nakedly breaching everything he can (of course, he can not fire the ministers already sworn in) in the hope that Tsvangirai will pack his bags and leave him alone in government.

Tsvangirai knows about this and it explains why he is now running back to SADC.

I understand there is panic in the MDC ranks, even as they insist that they will not leave government. Mugabe, they say, will have to fire them and see if the rest of Africa stands for it.

Mugabe has now not met Tsvangirai for three weeks, for their weekly meetings. The last time they met, he told the Prime Minister point blank that his ambassadors are not going anywhere. He is not getting even a single governor/resident minister anymore. Roy Bennett will definitely not be sworn in.

All this explains a lot.

What now?


The MDC insists that the ZANU PF side of government will have to "use bullets to get us out of government."

So, just as I predicted, Mugabe is now going out to humiliate them utterly. The MDC say it does not matter, they will still stick around, looking at Mugabe across the Cabinet table and daring him to make his next move.

So, you will see even more indications that this government does not exist anymore in the next week or so.

But you will also hear Tsvangirai saying he is not going anywhere even as he is publicly humiliated.


  1. Chinobhururuka chinomhara. Ende chikasamhara chinodonha. MDC-T yakumhara manje.


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