Mugabe Gets To See Obama

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe listens to President Barack Obama speaking during a UN luncheon on Wednesday last week. So Mugabe did indeed get to see Obama!!

Harare, Zimbabwe, 28 September 2009

It is an update on my previous post on the subject.

Mugabe attended a UN luncheon at the General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. Also in attendance was Barack Obama, who addressed the luncheon.

So, Mugabe got to set eyes on Obama as president in the flesh for the first time.

The American president, however, was careful to avoid all contact with the Zimbabwean dictator. Mugabe had to be content with being in the same room as the man.

Those who watched the video I posted here of Mugabe's CNN interview will recall that during that interview, Mugabe was conciliatory towards Obama, saying "he inherited the sanctions from Bush, we are giving him time..." He said he did not think it possible for the American president to lift them immediately and he would, therefore, wait.

This is in sharp contrast to the words Mugabe has for Obama appointees, publicly calling Undersecretary of State Carson "an idiot". Hilary Clinton was characterised as a predatory female wild animal by the State media after her visit to South Africa earlier in the year.

This was in contradiction with Mugabes call at the United Nations for sanctions to be lifted, or, if not, for outsiders to "stop interfering in our internal affairs." They should leave him and Tsvangirai alone, he said.

Perhaps he is now genuinely resigned to the fact that sanctions will not be lifted soon and is now proceeding on that basis.

That should be a cause for concern.


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