"Mizilikazi And His Mob A Violent Lot, Thieves" - Tsvangirai Minister

Sekai Holland, seen here in hospital at Harare's Avenue Clinic after being badly beaten by Zimbabwe police, has now put her foot in it again, prompting another rebuke from Morgan Tsvangirai. As minister in charge of national healing in Zimbabwe, her statements in Maputo have embarrassed Tsvangirai, who is Matabeleland South today, hobnobbing with Mugabe's illegal Governor and Resident Minister

Harare, Zimbabwe, 10 September 2009

In June this year, while in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai called one of his own ministers, Sekai Holland, "delusional and paranoid."

Today, the Prime Minister, who is in Matabeleland South, again hit out at the same Holland, who is the Minister of State charged with National Healing in the Prime Minister's office.

But first, I am sure you will find it curious that the Prime Minister endorsed the continued illegal occupation of office by one of Mugabe's Governors/Resident Ministers. The event where he spoke was organised by Angeline Masuku, the Governor of Matabeleland South Province.

By attending this function, he was endorsing her continued tenure in office. She should have vacated that office at the end of last month, as was agreed between Mugabe and Tsvangirai, to make way for an MDC Governor.

Still, the real story here today is that, during the function, the Governor complained to Tsvangirai that Sekai Holland had insulted the Ndebele people in Maputo recently.

She is said to have told a gathering she was addressing there that "Mzilikazi and his mob were a violent lot who stole cattle from the Zulus".

Tsvangirai said Holland had erred and that the country "can not afford to emphasise divisions along tribal lines, but we should direct our energies towards unity and national development."

Still, it appears that, although unhappy with Holland continually putting her foot in her mouth, the Prime Minister is reluctant to take any further action against Mrs Holland, even as she repeatedly embarrasses him.

Is this a sign that the Mugabe trait exists in the Prime Minister? Mugabe never dismisses his ministers unless he feels that they are challenging his position directly. Every other transgression is tolerated.

It could also be that Tsvangirai beholden to a "struggle comrade", as Mugabe does with his people. Mrs Holland has been in the trenches with Tsvangirai and was at one time beaten up and bruised badly by the Zimbabwe police.

That, as a minister in charge of national healing, she would make such a statement is indeed very surprising and calls into question her judgement. I really do believe that the best thing the Prime Minister can do is move her to another post, but he does not have that power, since reshuffles are only the prerogative of Mugabe.


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