Jonathan Moyo and ZANU PF: Why Now?

Professor Jonathan Moyo campaigning in Tsholotsho in March last year. We met up with him at the Growth Point in the area as Simba Makoni addressed a gathering there. It was clear that Moyo was going through the constituency with a fine tooth comb, traversing it in a Landcruiser and going to every hamlet and village. Makoni carried Tsholotsho and Moyo was also reelected. Many people still fail to see the deeper meaning of his move to return to ZANU PF.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 18 September 2009

It is now confirmed that Jonathan Moyo has applied to go back to ZANU PF.

He will be readmitted, since every single ZANU PF minister, from Didymus Mutasa to Patrick Chinamasa, are all singing his praises.

But why is the Professor seeking to go back now? This is a question I have been asked in emails to me the last few days and the answer is simple enough.

Professor Jonathan Moyo's ouster from ZANU PF was engineered by none other than the late Vice-president Joseph Msika, who labeled the then Minister of Information a "mafikizolo". (Johnny-come-lately).

In essence, therefore, and to put it bluntly, Moyo is now applying to go back to ZANU PF because Msika is dead. There will be no one whispering in Mugabe's ear that Moyo should not be allowed back into the party.

Mugabe was genuinely fond of the Vice-President and this informed his decision to get rid of Moyo. Msika did not attend that meeting because of the bad blood between them.

The bad blood between the two was caused by the fact that, even now, Jonathan Moyo believes that he should be one of the two Vice-presidents of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's second Vice-presidency is always occupied by someone from Matabeleland. This goes back to the Unity deal between Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo in 1987.

Moyo believed that he did more for ZANU PF than Msika ever did. He is convinced that with his undisputed intellect, he should be rewarded for saving Mugabe and ZANU PF in the elections of 2002.

When Moyo left ZANU PF, it was only because Msika gave Mugabe an ultimatum: it was either Moyo or goes or he, Msika, would walk. That was unthinkable to Mugabe, so Moyo had to go. Mugabe took the unusual step of meeting for a long time with Moyo, together with Amai Mujuru, in order to convince him to stay on in ZANU PF.

I have published a picture above of Mugabe at Vice-president Msika'a burial in order to show you just how deeply attached he was to his deputy. Look at the picture closely, especially at Mugabe's face. It is the closest anyone has ever seen Mugabe close to tears. Ever.

Moyo, however, was stung by Msika's continued allegation that he was an unelected usurper, with no constituency. He wanted to show ZANU PF that he could win seats in Matabeleland for them.

With Dumiso Dabengwa still holding out on the Vice-presidency now vacant, with John Nkomo being destroyed by allegations of sodomy and no other clear contender in view, Moyo believes that this is his chance.

It is likely that Moyo will come back and go straight into a high-profile position in ZANU PF.

His intellect in terms of propaganda is not disputed. Morgan Tsvangirai himself, just after the 2005 elections when he was asked by foreign journalists why he thought he had lost, said that it was largely "due to propaganda" crafted by Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo was so hated because he was a superior brain who had put himself at the disposal of anti-democratic forces. He was effective, even the MDC admits. And that was the problem.

Mark my words, if Moyo is readmitted back into ZANU PF, he is going to gun for the vice-presidency vacated by Msika.

Back when he was fired, he was actually trying to rearrange the Presidium of ZANU PF to have Mnangagwa endorsed to take over from Joice Mujuru. Mnangagwa would then owe Moyo and, when he eventually took over as president, he would give Moyo the vice-presidency.

Msika saw it in a different light. He saw it as Moyo trying to get him fired by Mugabe, to be replaced by the Information Minister himself.

The only reason, therefore, that Moyo feels he can apply to be readmitted to ZANU PF is that Joseph Msika is dead.


  1. 1- Mugabe cried at Samomora`s funeral
    2-Mugabe lost the 2000 election -u know it and Mbeki has the evidene- read his 2000 letter to Mugabe -has also admitted it
    3- As usuall we still have zimbos are fascinated with weith professors -no where in the civilised world u have them in gvt and there is a reason -they are academics just like Makoni who has a Phd IN CHEMISTRY - a sign of personal confusion -eg why waste scholarship money studying robotic and never to build an intersection robot-but start to study businss -oh ! the lost years
    4- please don`t confuse ability to crame and to write high sounding words and pactical exellence -That`s why u used to say Mugabe anotaura sa Queen hence he is going agood CEO oF Zim-Pamhata penyu comrade!
    5-MOST ZIMBOS HAVE REALISED THIS thats why professors and academics are now the most hated in zim coz of their inability to distinguish between a lab experiment and REALL LIFE situations -hence in most countries they left to reseach at university.
    6-MOYO is the most hated zimba what makes u think hehas an audience-even the thslotjo pple now realise -they have been taken for a ride.

  2. 1. Mugabe did not cry at Samora's funeral.

    2.If Mugabe lost, why did Tsvangirai agree to allow him to continue as president? Why did he fail to dislodge the dictator. I know - because of SADC, because of the African Union, because of any excuse you can think of.....pathetic.
    3.Bill Clinton was a professor (just one example). That is a civilised country and they put him in charge and he did a wonderful job. What, by the way, is Tendai Biti, a lawyer, doing at the Ministry of Finance. You fall into the classic Third World trap of looking at CVs without thinking. As for Makoni, studying chemistry actually means you train your mind to be analytical, to look at causes and effects more closely and not simply condemn SADC for not doing your job for you and dislodging your enemy on your behalf when you fail to do it yourself.

    4. If it experience we are talking about, what experience does Tsvangirai have in government?

    5. Most Zimbos realise that education is important. Professors and the like are still regarded very highly in Zimbabwe. Just because one of them became a tool of the dictator does not mean that they all have become.

    You are the sort of person who would condemn all black people as thieves and robbers in the 1st World just because some black people there are thieves and robbers. It is called "profiling" but then, having no education and not valuing it, you would not know anything about that.

    5. Jonathan Moyo is an idiot and I hold no brief for him. What we can not deny, as Tsvangirai admitted, is that he is brilliant in an evil manner (if you had gone to school you would know about "evil genuises" - their being evil does not take away their intelligence).


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