Tsvangirai Says Mugabe Giving Him "Guidance"

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, seen here with the late Joseph Msika in April this year, has revealed that the Zimbabwean Vice-president "is my father" and says he and Mugabe were "the only two people left to give us guidance."

Harare, Zimbabwe, 07 August 2009

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda yesterday both paid visits to the Msika family home in Mandara, Harare, to pay their condolences.

Tsvangirai, in his condolences to the Msika family, said the late "vice-president and President Mugabe were the only people who were left to give us guidance" He went on call on Zimbabweans not to "betray his (Msika's) legacy of the liberation struggle"

Tsvangirai also echoed Mugabe's sentiments expressed at the Msika home and the National Healing Conference a week or so back by calling for "unity".

The Prime Minister revealed that "the vice-president is my father. My family originated from Musikavanhu. That is why I am Dziva, the same totem as the Msika family. We all need to celebrate his life as an icon who liberated this country."

Dr Kaunda also called for unity amongst Zimbabweans "regardless of race, tribe or colour".

Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwengwa was also at the Msika home in Mandara, " The Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been dealt a bitter blow". He vowed to continue "guarding the independence of Zimbabwe".

Ambuya Msika was particularly pleased to see Dr Kaunda, recalling a dream she had when she and her husband were in Zambia and how Dr Kaunda chartered a plane for them.

Kaunda was traditionally closer to ZAPU, the party to which VP Msika belonged and which merged with ZANU PF on December 27 1989.

The VP's body will be taken to his rural home in Chiweshe today and will then be flown to Bulawayo before being returned to Harare, where he will be buried at Heroes Acre on Monday 10 August 2009.


  1. Am I the only one who is noticing this. Tsvangirayi is so charmed with Mugabe that he can no longer distinguish right or wrong.

  2. This Tsvangirayi thing is just misleading us. Certainly some screws need to be tightened in his head. Tsvangirayi watoshata zvachose. I think its true that this guy should be replaced at the helm of MDC. He has become a burden to us Zimbabweans through his reckless statements which are proving to be costly everyday.

  3. I think that these are some of the things that Tsvangirayi should have revealed during the campaign period leading to March 2008 harmonised elections. Had we known by then that Tsvangirayi has so much admiration for these top ZANU PF guys, I do not think most people would have voted for him. This is treachery of the highest order.

  4. I have realised that Simba Makoni is by far much better than Tsvangirayi. How I wish I had voted for Simba in the previous elections. Imagine some of us lost our relatives because of openly supporting MDC-T. Tsvangirayi's statements are not compatible with the loss of blood that came as a result of his campaign during the past decade.


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