Mujuru Uses Burial Of Hove To Pile Pressure On Tsvangirai

Vice-president Mujuru, also Acting President of Zimbabwe at this point, today officiated at the burial of national hero Richard Chemist Hove, who was ZANU PF Secretary for Economic Affairs. Mujuru had to step in because Mugabe is still out of the country, reportedly in Dubai, where he is either receiving treatment or getting a check-up

Harare, Zimbabwe, 25 August 2009

Vice-president Joice Mujuru, who is Acting President in Zimbabwe while President Robert Mugabe receives treatment in Dubai has just finished officiating at the burial of National Hero Richard Chemist Hove at the Heroes Acre.

The burial ceremony ended about two hours ago as I write this.

Mujuru used the occasion to pile more pressure on Morgan Tsvangirai with regards the issue of sanctions.

Mujuru told the gathering that it is imperative for Britain and "her allies" to remove the "illegal sanctions" imposed on Zimbabwe, adding that she was hopeful that the establishment of the Unity Government with Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara will see the sanctions removed.

Mujuru, again maintaining the pressure, said the issue of economic recovery was the biggest challenge facing the Inclusive Government.

"Today, Zimbabwe is under sanctions, unlawful sanctions which must go for her to regain her lustre. This is a challenge," she said, making it quite clear who it is she was challenging.

Of late, ZANU PF has turned around and insisted that economic recovery is defined as the biggest priority for the Inclusive Government. They have been pointing to the GPA, which does indeed say that the first priority of the Inclusive Government is to stabilise the economy.

The continued suffering of Zimbabwe, with unemployment still above 90%, has given grist to ZANU PF's mill.

As I have said before, Mugabe's party is simply using this to shut the MDC up about the "outstanding issues". They insist Tsvangirai must call off the sanctions "that he called for"

Mugabe spent some time last Monday on the issue in his weekly meeting with Tsvangirai.


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