Mugabe Quietly Jets Back Into Zimbabwe

I found this grainy picture showing Mugabe leaving for Namibia last week on Tuesday. The photo was taken at Harare International Airport and it was the last time Mugabe was in Zimbabwe until last night, despite state media announcing on Wednesday that "he returned home last night", meaning Tuesday night, the same day this photo was taken.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 26 August 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe arrived back at Harare International Airport last night at exactly 6:30 on board an Air Zimbabwe plane.

Mugabe, who has been in Dubai for medicals was met at the airport by Air Marshal Perance Shiri (Commander of the Air Force), Constantine Chiwengwa (Defence Forces Supreme Commander), Joice Mujuru (Vice-president) and the Secretary to the Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda.

It now also emerges that State media misled the nation when they announced that Mugabe had returned home on the same day that he went to Namibia.

A highly placed source informs me that Mugabe commandeered an Air Zimbabwe plane to go to Namibia (as he normally does) and that he left Namibia and flew straight to Dubai from there.

The Air Zimbabwe plane waited for him all the time that he was in Dubai.

Mugabe headed straight to his home in Helensvale upon his arrival.

Jacob Zuma arrives tomorrow to open the Harare Agricultural Show and it would have been an issue if Mugabe had stayed away from that event as he did with the burial of Richard Hove. Mugabe is apparently looking healthy and fit now, according to those who saw him yesterday at the airport.

His arrival back in Zimbabwe has not been announced by state media, who normally are on hand when he comes back from foreign travel to take photos of his soldiers and ministers greeting him.

The rest of the country, in a throwback to Soviet-style shrouding of the leaders, are still in teh dark about Mugabe going AWOL from Zimbabwe. His absence remains officially unexplained. But he will now be on hand to welcome Jacob Zuma when he jets into Zimbabwe tomorrow on official business.

Zuma, by the way, will not be doing anything about the so-called "outstanding issues" and it is unlikely that one of those issues, the swearing in of MDC-T governors and Roy Bennett, the Deputy Minister of Agriculuture designate, will be solved before Zuma arrives or even while he is here.

In a few days time, Zuma will no longer be Chairman SADC, having handed the reigns over to Joseph Kabila Jnr of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who, as I have told you before, considers Mugabe a "father". He remains grateful to the old dictator for sending the Zimbabwe army into the DRC to help prop up his father.


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