Mugabe Disappearance Subject of Wild Talk At Hero's Burial

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe, and The Solutioness, Grace Mugabe, seen here at Heroes Acre about a month ago. His ministers revealed at Heroes Acre yesterday that they haven't the foggiest where the old man is. It just goes to show just hos supremely confident he is in his position. Any other leader as unpopular with the people as he is would not dare pull such a stunt

Harare, Zimbabwe, 26 August 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe was on the lips of even his ministers yesterday at the Heroes' Acre, where Vice-President Mujuru presided.

Confirming what I told you a couple of days ago that not even his ministers are sure where Mugabe is, I was stunned to hear one of them talking to another and saying Mugabe was in Ethiopia. When asked what he was doing there, the Minister replied "I don't know"!.

A Central Committee member contradicted him on the spot, however, saying Mugabe was in Singapore and then would go to Hong Kong to see his daughter...!!

Highly unlikely, do you not think, that Mugabe would choose to loll about Singapore and visit his daughter while there is nation in crisis back home, a dead hero to bury and so on.

The truth of the matter is that it has confirmed that Mugabe is in Dubai, not only by very reliable sources, but also by someone who actually saw him arrive in the Middle Eastern Kingdom.

What is becoming absolutely clear, however, is that Mugabe is using this "medicals" trip to try wiggle out of a promise he made to Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC to swear in their governors and Roy Bennett by the end of the August.

Today is 26 August and we only have days left before the months ends and it is still not clear when the swearing-in will happen, despite the fact that MDC-T and Tsvangirai apologists swallowed Mugabe's promises and started celebrating prematurely.

Even as we cautioned that Mugabe had no intention of letting a white man like Roy Bennett serve in "his" government, there were wild parties in London and elsewhere by exiles Tsvangirai apologists who can not dare come back home because their leader is failing to correct the economy with sound policies.

Even the threat of the coming to Zimbabwe of Jacob Zuma has failed to move Mugabe, who, as I told you, is taking his time in Dubai.


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