Is This A Trumped-up Charge?

Harare, Zimbabwe, 12 August 2009

Two MDC-T activists are currently in court, apparently.

They are alleged to have armed themselves with iron bars, machetes, bricks, stones etc in ordert to disrput a meeting of their own party, the MDC-T, in Mufakose.

It appears the meeting, which was called to "restructure" the executive for the area, threatened a few interests, who, in the traditonal ZANU PF fashion, hired "thugs" to make sure no such meeting took place.

One of the two, Desmond Jambaya, is said to have snatched the letter from Head Office ordering the exercise while it was being read. It is alleged he tore it up and ate or attempted to eat the pieces.

All hell broke loose and the iron bars were wielded and machetes slashed the air.

Police broke it up and arrested the accused.

So, is this a trumped up charge?

Or a betrayal of the fact the ZANU PF culture in politics has also been adopted by the MDC-T?

In fact, the MDC-T has been aping ZANU PF, taking their cue from this sicredited party for a long time now.

Because ZANU PF elected a female vice-president, MDC-T followed suit.

Because ZANU PF played tribal politics and reserved a seat for a Matabeleland candidate, the MDC-T followed suit.

When they did get into government, like ZANU PF politicians, they rushed for the perks of office, three cars per minister, cars from Gideon Gono, expense accounts, jaunts to Vctoria Falls (just to pass a resolution to "hire a consultant" within 90 days) and US$11 million spent on overseas jaunts while Harare Hospital gasps for a mere US$3 million.

Like ZANU PF, they are threatening private capital, issuing price control directives, commanding the economy in a fashion worthy of a Soviet satellite Banana Republic.

Mugabe burdens the people with "Ministers of State" who duplicate efforts and get paid for the insult. Tsvangirai insists on his own Minsters of State.

Because Mugabe has a Secretary to the Cabinet, Tsvangirai burdens an expiring nation with Secretary to the Council of Ministers!

The list is as endless as it is shameful.


  1. All the charges are not trumped up.MDC are guilty of the offences.Thank you.I know many of them personally who are thiefs and thugs.I wrote a similar article and I said the charges are Good Nonsense Unearthed(GNU)charges and not trumped up.I hope Mavambo is not full of rubbish too.


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