Harare Photos Today - Part 1 Avondale Flea Market

I quite liked the look of the multi-coloured canopy used to cover the huge car park at Avondale which is now used as the Flea Market

This lady was busy packing goldfish at the Avondale Flea Market for a client when I showed up. The client was not too keen about being photographed, but I found her display of the fish and her tanks for sale delightful

The Market is quite busy at weekends and remains the most well-known and best established Flea Market in Harare. The other markets that had cropped up were disbanded during Operation Murambatsvina, when "illegal businesses" were demolished by Mugabe's government in an effort o arrest the black market in foreign currency and also disperse opposition supporters in the urban areas

Harare, Zimbabwe, 31 August 2009

Someone in the diaspora asked me on Facebook if I could show him what Harare is like now, so I took these photos at Avondale Flea Market and Shopping Centre at the weekend.

The Flea Market is as vibrant as ever and it continues to be popular.

The Avondale Cinema Complex, popular as ever, especially with posers, continues to be one of the best places in Harare for a Sunday Afternoon coffee or brunch, before one takes in a movie.

I will post the shopping centre photos themselves later on today if nothing happens to our wheezing and sputtering Internet connections!!


  1. Very nice and colorful photographs. It is just as if I have actually visited the flea market. Wonders of the internet technology, and thanks to your blogging.


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