Assaulted Zimbabwean Minister's Husband Dies

Priscilla Misiharabwi-Mushonga (seen above with The Solution, Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube) is in mourning today after her husband died at home from injuries sustained during a brutal robbery at their home on June 18 this year while she was in Europe.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 August 2009

Dr Chris Mushonga, husband of Regional Intergration minister Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga die today from injuries sustained during a robbery at his house.

Prosecutors in the case were saying today that this may not have been a straightforward robbery and are pursuing some leads to prove this.

The robbery took place while the Minister was travelling overseas as part of Morgan Tsvangirai's delegation during his visits to Europe and the USA.

The robbers also took a Land Cruiser from the premises, which was later recovered. They have been arrested and were being charged with robbery and aggravated assault. Murder will also now be added to the chargesheet.

Dr Mushonga, who was a surgeon, was hit several times on the head with the butt of a gun during the robbery and suffered internal bleeding as a result.

He had been operated on, in an effort to relieve cranial pressure that builds up in such cases, but his condition deteriorated quickly after that, suffering almost total paralysis and unable to speak.

He died at home.

At the time of the robbery, a police spokesman told the media that the polic were puzzled at the occcurence becausen ministers' homes guarded by armed policemen (the robbers disarmed the policeman and used his gun to terrorise the family).

He claimed that this was a very occurence, which it may well be.

That the gang could have the guts to go up to an armed policeman while they themselves were not armed and then proceed to disarm him and frog-march him into the house is certainly odd.

The hope now is that the trial produces a satisfactory explanation for all this.

The Minister is also the Deputy Secretary-General of the Mutambara MDC.

Our condolences to the Minister, her family, her party and her colleagues in government.


  1. My condolences to Priscilla and her family. May Dr. Chris Mushonga rest in eternal peace.


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