Simba Makoni's Mavambo Launch About To Start

A Simba Makoni supporter holds a poster with the presidential candidate's line: Let's Get Zimbabwe Working Again during the presidential elections in March 2008. The candidate launches a new political party in Zimbabwe in a few moments today

It is just after 9 in the morning in Zimbabwe and there is quite a crowd, according to our people on he ground. Most can not fit inside the hall, so some have gathered outside, where two flags are flying: the Zimbabwe flag and the Mavambo flag.

Dr Makoni will be arriving after 10 this morning at the hall to deliver his launch speech.

At the office, it is a hive of activity (you will have to excuse that particular cliche - very bad, I know, but that is how it is), with the phones ringing off the hook and people confirming their attendance.

And would you know it, after word got out yesterday that Dr Makoni and MKD will be launching the party at 10:30a.m. today, the Prime Minister immediately announced that he would be holding a briefing of his own at exactly the time.

He made the announcement yesterday after midday.

Still, his is not a public event, but restricted to the media and diplomats. Even so, the media is excited at the launch of MKD, with almost every single one of them saying, "We have been waiting for this."

I was very surprised at the genuine delight from the media when the invitations were extended to them.

I was going to try and live-blog the launch ceremony and I may still do that.

To check if I am online and blogging the launch LIVE and as it happens, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the chatroll will be attached and where will be reporting the event live.

Keep in mind that the event starts at 10:30a.m. Harare time.

If not, I will update the blog as soon as the event is finished!


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