Scenes From The Launch of Mavambo on 01 July 2009

I have never experienced the sort of difficulties I am experiencing with internet yesterday and today and the photos from the launch simply refuse to load onto the blog. I am not sure if it is Blogger themselves or the internet connection in Zimbabwe.

So, fo now, you will have to make do with the above photo, showing Dr and Mrs Makoni being welcomed to the launch ceremony by the interim leadership of MKD

The vitriol that is already being directed by the MDC-PF state media (Herald, ZBC, ZTV etc) is working wonders for Makoni. People know that whatever is criticised by the state media is in the interests of the people.

It would have been fatal if the state media has started praising the new party and Makoni!!

More photos will follow.


  1. Goodwill Mpofu

    This party is full of tired and old looking faces. No youngish and younger looking people. It is as good as ZANU PF. Pathetic!

    From the media reports, can you imagine only two names have been released as constituting the leadership - iye Makoni wacho and Godfrey Chanetsa.

    Why should they take people for granted.

  2. @Goodwills - ha ha! It would look like that, wouldn't it, when you look at the picture above?

    I must say though, you can see some young people in there behind "the elders" at the front.

    Seriously though: first, the leadership in place now is an interim leadership drawn from the volunteers. A substantive leadership will be elected in all the provinces in the lead up to the party inauguration.

    Second, Makoni was very forceful in all the meetings that I attended of the Steering Committee about the need to make this a PARTY OF YOUTH.

    He succeeded and the party's Standing Rules say that at all levels of leadership (from grassroots, Province to the National Leadership) a MINIMUM of 40% of the elected officials should be BELOW the age of 35.

    So I am not worried on that account.

    Also, I hope there are some wise old men in the final leadership line-up. It would enrich the party to have a few white heads in it, to give wise counsel!!

  3. Denford if this is his entourage, he isn't planning on a very lively party now is he ?

    co'mon, like be like Mike "You oughta be startin somethin.."


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